Wanting to learn

I really liked Carolyn Rubenstein’s blog post on what she would like to learn. Recalling her previous post which inspired my to write my own list of what doesn’t need to be perfect in my life, I immediately stopped reading.

After writing my own list of things that I want to learn how to do, I noticed some things coincide.

I think that says something about writers, artists and people in general. That we’re all only human. And that distance, upbringing, race or gender are unimportant when it all comes down to the things our hearts want.


I want to learn how to…

… relax

… say “No” more often

… take more time for myself

… let go

… deliberately dare to dream big

… play more

… always choose love

… be at peace

… not feel guilty about things out of my control

… smile more

… love truly unconditionally

… simplify my life

… listen to my intuition (more often)

… quiet my mind

… manage my time more efficiently

… stop procrastinating

… I want to learn to continually recognize that my journey is always a work in progress.


Thank you for the inspiration, Carolyn!


6 Comments to “Wanting to learn”

  1. That is beautiful. Many things coincide with my thoughts.

  2. How is it we always want to learn more about things that seem simple to do?

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