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2012, July 4

Vintage Looking Jar Vases

I noticed an old yogurt jar in my grandmother’s kitchen the other day. It reminded me of my childhood. It reminded her of my mother’s childhood. I asked her if she had any she didn’t use anymore. She did, of course.

Taking two, I wondered what to do with them. Then I remembered how we never seem to have enough vases. Especially smaller ones. So, I decided to try my luck at turning them into just that – vintage looking vases.

page jar vases

Vintage Looking Jar Vases

(40-50 years) old jars
nail polish
ribbon (optional)

Unless you have a really steady hand, I’d advise starting to decorate your jars by drawing the wished design/pattern, on them with a sharpie first.

(As soon as I drew the first line, I knew all perfectionism was to be set aside.)

After you’re done with your design, trace it over with nail polish. Let it dry very well.

Decorate further with a bow if you want to.

I’d say the whole thing took 30 minutes tops; the drying took the longest, seeing as you wouldn’t want to mess up the design.

Oh, and, keep in mind to do this outdoors, or near an open window. The nail polish smell is terrible (and will cause dizziness – I found that out first hand!) if you have a small kitchen or room that you’re crafting in.

Happy crafting!

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