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2012, July 6

Love Lettering My World & a Summer of Love (Letters)

Last weekend, as I left the last two love letters from my month of love lettering my world, I was feeling a bit down, knowing the month is coming to an end. But then quickly realized, that doesn’t mean love lettering will come to an end!

You can take a look at and read my love letters in my guest post on (link will be available shortly)
You can also find them in this Facebook album, and below is the list of places where I’ve left them behind.

– In a restaurant

– In a book on Writing


You can view all my love letters by clicking the links below:

One month of love letters: Week 4

One month of love letters: Week 3

One month of love letters: Week 2

One month of love letters: Week 1

June 2012 - Love Letters Left Behind


During this month of love lettering my world, I translated some of my love letters to either Romanian or Hungarian. So I have "leftover" photos. Here are my favorites.

leftover 1 park – Love letter left behind at the park.
It was election weekend and I received this carnation. Decided to leave that behind with my love letter.


leftover 2 garage – On someone’s garage door


leftover 3 brick wall – On a brick wall



I also have to admit that I got really excited about the Summer of Love Letters the MoreLoveLetters team has put together. So far, here’s what I’ve covered from the Summer of Love (Letters) list .

summer love letter list 

Hope you all have a fabulous, love-filled Friday!


PS: Can’t view my photos on Facebook? We should be friends there as well ;)

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