Wanting to let go

I want to let go of…

… perfectionism

… thoughts weighing me down

… procrastination

… fear

… some lessons

… constant reminders of hurt-filled times

… feeling guilty

… certain expectations

… endings

… unturned stones

… anger; either misplaced or not

… disappointment

… the past


What do you want to let go of?


8 Comments to “Wanting to let go”

  1. Estrella, I hadn’t really thought of this….And I hope you aren’t being TOO weighed down about these…..
    Okay….let me think…..hmmmm….What do I want to let go of??? (1) a few regrets. (2) Thinking about, and talking about, how much I WEIGH <> No, seriously. How many of us are really happy with our bodies? I WAS for a short period in my life when I was about a size 4! << MANY years ago! (3) And….procrastination….although I've heard that is a trait of highly creative people! :D Thanks for a great post!

    • Needed to get it off my chest, you know? :)

      I like what you want to let go of, good choices. And yes, definitely! Procrastination is indeed a trait of creative people :)

  2. If I could let go of all the thoughts weighing me down and holding me back, I might vaporize.

  3. Letting go is easier said than done, isn’t it? One of the things I want to let go of is clutter. I did find a good website on the theme which I like.

  4. I need to let go of the past too, and could basically adopt your whole list of things. Thanks for this post!

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