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2012, July 20

Can you understand… – by Estrella Azul

Can you understand that I need my space?
To breathe, to unwind, to just be. To be me.

Can you understand that your constant concern and reproach bring me down?
That you make me feel guilty about taking time for myself. That it’s affecting our relationship.

Can you understand that I worry, too?
That instability is throwing me off track. That it makes me feel insecure.

Can you understand that I feel stuck?
That I sometimes don’t see the beauty people talk about seeing in me. That my soul is searching for something I can’t find right now.

Can you understand that some decisions just have to be mine?
About me. No matter how much a part of my life you are.

Can you understand that I love you?
That I want to keep loving you. That I don’t want to fight.

But for that, I need you to understand me.
No questions asked. No banter. No undermining my needs.

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