Pros and Cons of not babysitting over the summer

no children talking to – AT! – me at all times (for no reason at all sometimes)
no tantrums and hissy-fits, no talking back, no yelling, no stubbornness (only from grown ups, but they’re easier to ignore)
no added stress of being responsible for a, not-even-my-own, kid’s life
no having to watch cartoons
no playground visits/running around in the melting hot weather
no wondering when the parents arrive home so I’ll remotely know when I get to go home
no money
no money…
and have I mentioned the small inconvenience of having no money come from it?
I have two other jobs aside from this. But still, it’ll be missed…
How about you guys? Do you have an extra job you’ll miss over the summer?
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2 Comments to “Pros and Cons of not babysitting over the summer”

  1. The pros do sound wonderful (mostly about relief, freed-up time and less stress), but the cons a major bummer. I hope something that feels nourishing for you (including income) sneaks in to fill the void. xo