Let’s do some math. Okay, not really ;)

contrastCan you count to ten in good things you see around you right now?

I’ll start:

  1. food
  2. company
  3. camera
  4. drinks
  5. (laptop I’m currently writing this on)
  6. art
  7. books
  8. weather
  9. (enough) health
  10. garden

Your turn ;)



PS: as you may have noticed, I changed my background image here. It looks great on my laptop’s screen, but I wonder, how does it look on your device? (best in full screen)

17 Comments to “Let’s do some math. Okay, not really ;)”

  1. A great post! Taking stock of what is immediately around me right now…

    Stocktake done – here’s a list:
    1. Gorgeous red teapot that makes the best tea ever…
    2. Heater (it’s freezing!)
    3. Beats headphones (awesome sounds for walking)
    4. (Can I count my computer? It’s awesome! It keeps me connected with so many people and things I love!)
    5. Canvas photo print of a nudibranch (the reason I work – so I can dive)
    6. Water (never rated high enough!)
    7. Mobile phone (like my computer – it keeps me connected to my loved ones)
    8. Gorgeous soft black wool scarf that is super warm & cosy
    9. Bookcases – to hold all those good books…
    10. Electricity – so often taken for granted…

    Thank you for sharing – great idea!!! :D

    • Love your list, Trisha, I’m so happy you decided to play along. And how wonderful that you read this at home – now I can picture the room you were in :)

      PS: here it’s melting hot…

  2. 1. My daughter
    2. My son
    3. My husband
    4. My dog, Cooper
    5. My reading glasses (need them to read books)
    6. A notebook that I customized
    7. A three-shelf bookcase full of books on writing
    8. My Kindle
    9. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (the best!)
    10. The remote for my iPod dock (so I can adjust the volume & keep writing. ;) )

  3. 1. the new format of Estrella’s blog
    2. sleeping boys
    3. Ed Sheernan song playing in the background
    4. these old comfie jammies
    5. the hot cup of coffee in front of me
    6. the clouds out the window
    7. knowing that someone else is preparing breakfast for us today
    8. my laptop
    9. poetry
    10. the ocean (on holiday today)

    • The flattery from #1 earns you a box full of cookies, Tammy ;) What a lovely list you have here, thanks for sharing. Hope you continue having an awesome holiday!

      PS: draw me a heart in the sand?

  4. What a grand idea – I must participate. :-)

    1. My kids
    2. Sock Monkey Pirate on my desk
    3. E.E. Cumming 100 Selected Poems
    4. Introducing Fractals (book)
    5. Ivy outside my window
    6. My computer, of course!
    7. iPod
    8. The xx – Angels song playing through my headphones (Jumped on YouTube for a moment.)
    9. Squirrel that just ran up the tree
    10. More books … always books :-)

  5. Hmmm, 10 things… Ok, let’s do this:

    1) beautiful sunshine.
    2) cars that have just been washed (mine’s coming)
    3) trees standing tall
    4) people out enjoying themselves
    5) my funky cell that let’s me communicate anywhere
    6) great friends like you who let me play with things like this. (that should be worth 4)

    No time for the rest. Will have to fill in the delta later

  6. I’m visiting from the Summer of Soul Project page on Judy’s blog. Sweet photo! It’s fun to see what each person who has posted one is “about.” Nice blog!

    • Thank you, Terri. I also like looking through all the photos posted on Judy’s blog, thank you for the reminder (I was cleaning the house for the past two days, so am a bit out of the loop) :)

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