LOST in the Writing World

Recently (at the time of writing this that equals to about fifteen minutes earlier), I was having a conversation with Milli Thornton about writing, birthday lunches and how they should be negotiable, introverts ruling the world and more oases of peace and quiet.
(Yes, I have awesome friends whom I can discuss world domination with.) ;)

I ended the comment-conversation saying that extroverts probably shouldn’t see us plotting that openly. After saying that, I associated non-writers, extroverts with The Others. I then associated writers, introverts with the passengers on board Oceanic flight 815. And then, I associated the Island to an oasis of peace and quiet for writers; which non-writers are inhabiting.
(Yes, that is how my mind usually works. And then some.)

The way I see it now, with all of this running laps in my brain:
writers are like the passengers. We crash on non-writer’s islands, build shelters, store thoughts and ideas on neatly stacked shelves, burn the fuselage with the dead bodies of the past weighing us down. We get inspired on quiet spots on the beach in the sun or under a palm tree’s shade and start living. We start writing.

The Others are mysterious, secretive sometimes, and are seemingly easy puzzles to solve. However, they are so much more complex. They seem to know at all times exactly which buttons to push on us writers. They are difficult to track, they conceal themselves quite effectively and will show up out of nowhere to disarm writers of their thoughts and dexterity. Their exact motives remain unclear.


There will always be Others around us. But we’ve got to do our thing, type our own kind of stories, write our own special views, even if nobody else reads along.
(Yes, that last line is a play on the song from Lost.)

14 Responses to “LOST in the Writing World”

  1. Very true! Sometimes you just have to do your own “thing” and not worry about what others say!

  2. I loved being part of the process of you writing this! The analogies to LOST are perfect. I laughed when I got the part where you said “They seem to know at all times exactly which buttons to push on us writers.” Well said. And so true. Luckily, our secret weapon is that whenever they push our buttons, we turn it into material to write transformational stories or brilliant blog posts full of wisdom, thereby taking over the world by invisible inches of creativity. ;~)

    • I love love love your take on our secret weapon; “taking over the world by invisible inches of creativity” – how true! Plus, I have you to thank for the inspiration for this blog post, which (even though you’re definitely not an “Other”) shows exactly how us writers are turning any line we hear/read into something nice to read.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love all things LOST and your post is such a breath of fresh air! Love the references here, very well thought.

  4. Love your analogy here Estrella. Though I don’t watch LOST I do understand what you mean about the “Others”.
    I’m reading Windblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac right now, (a fascinating read, will have a post up on it soon), and this reminds me of something he says: ““It’s a lot of bull about the artists – having all the leisure time in the world to ‘work’. Work is involved with time; you can’t waste time building a house at leisure or you’ll never move in.” One of my favorite quotes (among several) from this book.
    Thank you for this post!

    • That sounds like a great read, must add it to my to-read list now.
      Thank you for commenting even though you don’t watch LOST, glad it was still easy to understand and relate to :)

  5. I think your article is pretty neat, having loved the show and all I have to say, that’s pretty accurate ;)

  6. Cool. Love the subtext. And the not so subtext. Since I’m still in Season 1 some of this flies over my head, but I’ll be back. :^) peace…


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