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2012, August 31

Love Letter Request for August, 2012

we-turned-one The More Love Letters team wrote this so much better than I could. Here is the love letter request for August’s bundle.

(Heading off to write a love letter for LisaRose. Hope you will, too.) :)

Our Birthday Love Letter Bundle Mission: Meet LisaRose


Ditch the birthday cards, just send love letters

More Love Letters is growing, growing, growing and we cannot believe that already we are a year old! It has been 12 beautiful months packed with filling 6 continents, 47 countries and all 50 states with our love letters! We could not have done without you!

In just one year we’ve mailed over 4,441 love letters! Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to a coffee for being such an amazing supporter.

Though we love a good birthday party, there is simply no time to celebrate when there are love letters to write AND WE. HAVE. A. LOVE. LETTER. BUNDLE. MISSION. FOR. YOU.

so what is a love letter bundle?

Each month, we send out a “call for love letters” (just like this one) for an unsuspecting receiver (or in this case, receivers) in need of a little handwritten goodness. You will then have 2 weeks to send over a card or letter to the More Love Letters PO Box. We’ll bundle the letters and mail them all together to a lucky, lucky mailbox with an explanation note from on top.

It’s simple. It takes 5 minutes. And really, what’s better than a monthly pinning of “heart to page” for someone who truly needs some love and syllables?  So gather your friends, your students, your coworkers or church group, and take on the monthly mission together!

meet LisaRose.

LisaRose dedicated her most recent birthday to doing 50 Acts of Kindness… Today we are dedicated our birthday to LisaRose.

In lieu of birthday cards, please help us write love letters to LisaRose instead. Read her story below (submitted by one of her best friend’s):

“LisaRose has spent the last year taking care of her parents’ medical needs. Both of her parents’ are at different stages of dementia, and the transition has been very difficult for LisaRose. She deals with this along with her own medical conditions. And all this time, she continues to check in on her friends, take food to people who are sick or have lost loved ones, and help out her neighbors.

She is exhausted, heartbroken, and seems to have forgotten just how amazing she is.  I think she has forgotten that she is sunshine and inspiration for so many people.  Because of months of tiresome demands, the light is gone from her eyes. She needs to hear fresh voices reminding her how loved and valuable she is. Please, please help us put the spark back in her heart.”

please mail all love letters to:

LisaRose’s Bundle
PO Box 2061
North Haven, CT

Postmarked by September 7th (that’s 10 days to write, folks!)

joining us?

Let us know on Twitter & Facebook

Crossing my t’s + dotting my i’s to support the @moreloveletters birthday mission today:

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For their first birthday, @moreloveletters needs all the letters they can get… Join in:

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Want to write a love letter today? Check out this mission from @moreloveletters:

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FYI: We ALWAYS appreciate blog posts to raise awareness for these letter requests! Get creative. Pull out your glitter, write down your favorite quotes and REMEMBER: We all write love letters differently, own your love letter writing style…we don’t need someone else’s love letter, we need yours.

We also ask that you stay POSITIVE. UPBEAT. & SUPPORTIVE in your letters. Storytelling is A-OK but let’s not dwell on the negative, folks.

one-liners for the month

  • Want to write even more love letters?  More Love Letters is always accepting generic love letters for individuals going through trials & hard times through our PO Box.
  • Think you + More Love Letters are a Cinderella shoe fit? More Love Letters has opened up some new love letter writing positions, check them out here.
  • Think you’ve got what it takes to lead your campus in Love Letter Writing?Sign up to be a Campus Cursive Leader HERE.

Happy love letter writing!

With crossed t’s and dotted i’s,

Hannah B &
The More Love Letters Team

2012, August 29

Thoughts from places…

… because those Vlogbrothers video titles are awesome and they are always my favorite of their videos.

Here are my thoughts from places, while on hiatus these past few weeks. ( Missed you guys! <3 )


I am completely fine with having to reorganize my suitcase several times before leaving, both home and the places I visited, because I packed too many books.



Everywhere I go, I see hearts. And everywhere I go, I see something I can turn into art.


People who disagree with you and correct you every step of the way, even if they are actually adding to the conversation, are so tiring.


Life and death are so intertwined; just like each and every moment in between.


Death has a way of catching up with you when you’d rather try and recover from a loss… But if there is such a thing as a beautiful death, it must be that of simply falling asleep and dying of old age.

Funerals are for the living. And when you miss a burial, you can’t help but feel that loss just a bit more painfully every single time the subject comes up.



Thinking of Connie’s Sky, I took pictures that day. And though I’m so many miles away, and was very far even from an internet connection – I felt so very human and so connected to Connie Hozvicka, to Jill and to Judy. I think it’s within human nature to forget this sometimes, but we do hold each other’s hearts in our hands.


Annie Q. Syed said in one of her Still Sundays posts, which I managed to read while on hiatus, that: “in stillness I am reminded life changes course in the small plans that may appear magnified because there is no map.”

I fully understand that. And would like to add, that, sometimes even with a map it’s possible to lose track of our journey and spend too much time in paper towns.


I left behind a love letter in one of the passenger cars of the steam train we rode in. Because there is magic in everything. IMG_6962-1


Balance. Not easily found. Not easily kept. I’m still searching for it. For just the right balance that I need. I finally feel like I’m on the right track.


2012, August 8

Hiatus time! :)

My new travelogue and I are going on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. Okay, not just the two of us… we’re letting the Chef tag along as well ;)


Kidding aside though, I’m really excited for the lovely new things on the horizon:
the opportunity to travel a little bit (to several different places), the break from life as I know it here in this moment. I’m looking forward to taking pictures, breathing fresh mountain air, discovering trails in forests and getting some much needed rest. I’m looking forward to change; the big, beautiful changes that dance in my mind and heart, like in people’s all over the world. Plus, I’m especially looking forward to writing and reading time by the pool.
(I already stacked four books, the travelogue and a thick notebook next to my nearly packed bags.)



Now, since you’re here already, feel free to browse through the:

  • Seasonal Photo Challenge  – it’s more fun than you’d think by reading the title
  • Recipes of the Month – impress someone you love with a yummy home cooked meal
  • Creative Writing Corner – see if you like my flash fiction or poems better
  • Green Lifestyle posts – go green; ‘nuff said
  • blog, in general – everything is right up there in the menu bars, and don’t forget to scroll down and hit “older entries” to go back in time ;)


Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer, and I will see you back here on August 29.

Lots of love to you <3

2012, August 6

Screaming Summer & a Favor

For this month, I thought of things that just scream summer to me now that I know I’ll be able to do some traveling.

However, even if your summer plans don’t include a vacation, I bet you’ll find it easy to notice the following (and then share with us). ;)

You can find the theme and suggestions for August now up on the Estrella’s ~Seasonal Photo Challenge~ page. Please drop by to check them out and leave me a comment there.

You can see my photos from July right here, where the logo for August is already up.

While you’re over on the Seasonal Challenge page, if you’d like to give me suggestions for August and upcoming months, I’d love to read them.

And of course, feel free to join in and snap some pictures. Or even post a link to just one photo, or a blog post which fits (any which one of) the suggestions.

It will be a lot of fun!



Now let’s give it up for some shameless self-promotion-type favor ;)

I wasn’t too good about promoting it in the beginning and now the photo challenge feels very lonely to do sometimes. As in, I’m the only one taking pictures of the suggested things. But I’m not giving up of course, I’ve committed to a year of this photo challenge.

So I’ve been meaning to ask you guys something.

Are you participating in the photo challenge? Wonderful. Thank you! Would you please talk about it on your blog? On Facebook, on Twitter, G+ … any social media you use? (Feel free to copy my logos and include them.)

Even if you don’t actively participate in my photo challenge, would you help me out by liking it on Facebook and adding a badge on your blog’s sidebar which links back to my photo challenge page?

I’m sure you all know at least one person who likes to take pictures. I’d like to try and inspire them.


Widget title/Alternate text is:

Estrella’s Seasonal Photo Challenge

The image URL is:

and the link URL (when the image is clicked) is:

(Not sure how it goes on Blogger, but on WordPress you have the Widgets section and you can add this as an “image”.)


Thank you so much in advance, it would mean the world to me!


PS: Can’t view my photos on Facebook? We should be friends there as well ;)

2012, August 5

Recipe of the month: Tuna Spread & French Spiced Salt

This right here is a two in one, as I like to call it. I like tuna. I love onions. However, sometimes I’m not in the mood to make this the way I usually mix things together. So I opt for the second version.

But rest assured: which ever version you try, you’ll like! :)


Tuna Spread with Onions

1 can tuna
lemon juice
1 tbs mayo
one middle-sized red onion – chopped
white pepper, paprika, French spiced salt – to taste

Mix everything together and serve over bread.



Tuna Spread with Green Olives

1 can tuna
lemon juice
1 tbs mayo
2 tbs green olives – chopped
white pepper, paprika, French spiced salt – to taste

Mix everything together and serve over bread.


I was looking for some seasoning ideas a few months ago and found this recipe for French Spiced Salt. I quickly mixed all the ingredients together and tried it with a large salad. It’s so fresh tasting, I just love it!

page french spiced salt

French Spiced Salt

5 parts salt
1 part nutmeg
1 part paprika
1 part black pepper

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container.

Sprinkle on salads, grilled meats, fish;  French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, hash browns or any potato side dish instead of regular table salt for great flavor!

Bon appétit! ;)

2012, August 1

Old Window Frame for an Inspiration Board

I absolutely LOVE the idea to use old window frames to decorate. We had to change all our windows last year, and as a result, ended up with a dozen windows no one needed (I still have several stashed away) ;)

This blog post right here got its title after I played around with one of the old window frames last year. Because I was pretty much broke. Yet I wanted and inspiration board in the kitchen as well (which tend to cost money, don’t they?)

So today, I’m sharing how I managed to make myself an inspiration board with a little wit and supplies I had around the house :)

page window frame inspiration board

page window frame ib

Old Window Frame Inspiration Board

I staple gunned chicken wire to the back and added a (hidden) wire picture hanger.

(Yes, I had this around the house. We used to have chicken when I was little. My grandparents never throw anything away.)

Roughed the frame up with sandpaper to give it a weathered look.

I hung it going with the “crooked look” – I think it just adds more flare to it.

Then I painted a bunch of clothes pins with different patters and colors and pinned them to the wire on my frame. For changing it up a little, I also hung some colorful paper clips on there.

I hung a pin cushion on it, and the window knob was perfect to hang the scissors from.

The frame works great for notes, inspirational quotes, pictures, to-do lists, cards, invites, reminders – the possibilities are endless!


And lastly, here’s my inspiration, some of my favorite blog posts on the subject.

Using old window frames to decorate

DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Windows and Doors

DIY: Jewelry Holder

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