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2012, August 1

Old Window Frame for an Inspiration Board

I absolutely LOVE the idea to use old window frames to decorate. We had to change all our windows last year, and as a result, ended up with a dozen windows no one needed (I still have several stashed away) ;)

This blog post right here got its title after I played around with one of the old window frames last year. Because I was pretty much broke. Yet I wanted and inspiration board in the kitchen as well (which tend to cost money, don’t they?)

So today, I’m sharing how I managed to make myself an inspiration board with a little wit and supplies I had around the house :)

page window frame inspiration board

page window frame ib

Old Window Frame Inspiration Board

I staple gunned chicken wire to the back and added a (hidden) wire picture hanger.

(Yes, I had this around the house. We used to have chicken when I was little. My grandparents never throw anything away.)

Roughed the frame up with sandpaper to give it a weathered look.

I hung it going with the “crooked look” – I think it just adds more flare to it.

Then I painted a bunch of clothes pins with different patters and colors and pinned them to the wire on my frame. For changing it up a little, I also hung some colorful paper clips on there.

I hung a pin cushion on it, and the window knob was perfect to hang the scissors from.

The frame works great for notes, inspirational quotes, pictures, to-do lists, cards, invites, reminders – the possibilities are endless!


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