Thoughts from places…

… because those Vlogbrothers video titles are awesome and they are always my favorite of their videos.

Here are my thoughts from places, while on hiatus these past few weeks. ( Missed you guys! <3 )


I am completely fine with having to reorganize my suitcase several times before leaving, both home and the places I visited, because I packed too many books.



Everywhere I go, I see hearts. And everywhere I go, I see something I can turn into art.


People who disagree with you and correct you every step of the way, even if they are actually adding to the conversation, are so tiring.


Life and death are so intertwined; just like each and every moment in between.


Death has a way of catching up with you when you’d rather try and recover from a loss… But if there is such a thing as a beautiful death, it must be that of simply falling asleep and dying of old age.

Funerals are for the living. And when you miss a burial, you can’t help but feel that loss just a bit more painfully every single time the subject comes up.



Thinking of Connie’s Sky, I took pictures that day. And though I’m so many miles away, and was very far even from an internet connection – I felt so very human and so connected to Connie Hozvicka, to Jill and to Judy. I think it’s within human nature to forget this sometimes, but we do hold each other’s hearts in our hands.


Annie Q. Syed said in one of her Still Sundays posts, which I managed to read while on hiatus, that: “in stillness I am reminded life changes course in the small plans that may appear magnified because there is no map.”

I fully understand that. And would like to add, that, sometimes even with a map it’s possible to lose track of our journey and spend too much time in paper towns.


I left behind a love letter in one of the passenger cars of the steam train we rode in. Because there is magic in everything. IMG_6962-1


Balance. Not easily found. Not easily kept. I’m still searching for it. For just the right balance that I need. I finally feel like I’m on the right track.


15 Responses to “Thoughts from places…”

  1. It sounds like your break was wonderful. Sometimes we just need to see new things and recharge our “batteries”.

  2. seems like a wonderful journey, with or without maps. : ) i think balance is not a permanent state of being, if it were, we would be out of balance with going with the flow of nature which has its own balance to keep.

    • That it is, Annie, with or without maps.
      I think you’re spot on. The “right kind” of balance is ever-changing while we try and keep up with the flow of nature.

  3. Welcome back my friend.
    Glad you’re feeling more on track… and like Annie, I think balance may be unattainable. I actually hope it’s unattainable to some extent… being off balance makes me steady myself more.

    • Thank you so much, Becky, it’s nice to be back! (though I’m still having mixed feelings about that)
      I just replied to Annies comment, and I think that certain balance many people search for truly is unattainable. And like you said, that is good for steadying ourselves more, for accepting and adjusting to change.

  4. Estrella, what a beautiful way to express some of the moments from your hiatus. So many different moods and pieces of wisdom. I love how meaningful this feels. And I love your photos!

    • Thank you, Milli, glad you liked the thoughts expressed and the photos. I can’t wait to start writing more about my trip, though it had a few setbacks, too. I just uploaded pictures to my Facebook Seasonal Photo Challenge album :)

  5. Sounds like you had a good time, introspection and all. Your photos are so beautiful, the skies are lovely. Hope you have a great week(end)!

  6. I love your love letter campaign and the balance photo is terrific plus a perfect match for the sentiments expressed by your words. Nice to have you back.

  7. Sounds like the break was just what you needed Estrella, (and now, of course, I’m jealous and want to take one myself). :) I know what you mean about having to repack over and over because of the books, and how worth it that repacking is.
    I too love your love letter campaign. It’s fun to wonder who found the letter and what joy it brought them. My guess is it’s someone who’s been having a rough go of it, and the letter was the perfect thing – just the thing – they needed in that moment.
    Welcome back!

    • It was exactly what I needed, Deanna, spot on.
      Ha! I knew I wasn’t alone on the books thing.
      That is the great thing about the love letters left behind – anyone could find them, maybe even leave them behind for someone else to find also :) And hope that maybe it’s (like you said) the perfect thing – just the thing – they needed in that moment.


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