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2012, September 10

I dream BIG (words) ;)

My dreams are mostly weird. They are along (and not only limited to) these lines: people are trying to kill me with a rose dipped in poison, a puppy follows me home turning into an alien, the walls of my grandparent’s bathroom disappeared while the toilet, heater, sink and mirror are still in place hanging in thin air. That last one freaked me out so much I couldn’t fall back asleep one morning. Not sure why, it was the least scary, just weird.

I also have dreams like the ones I talked about before, which explain things.

And then there are the dreams which leave me puzzled. The ones that make me think of why I can’t recall what I’ve dreamt, while hanging on to a mere few words.

And you know something? I seriously doubt they’re ordinarily dreamt by someone whose mother tongue isn’t English.

So I’ll confess. I sometimes dream “big” words, like:

  • predicament
  • conflicting interests
  • monosyllabic
  • unconquerable 

If I had dreamt them in the same dream, I would probably be more worried… ;)


Do you dream things and then only have a word from it stuck with you for days? How about dreaming them in another language?


PS: thank you for the reminder here, Lynn.

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