Dear Tuesday, 9.September.2012

Thanks for allowing me to find (while searching for something completely different) what I’ve been looking for since 2011.


Diptyque-flower-window-displays-Paris-08 Diptyque-flower-window-displays-Paris-07Diptyque-flower-window-displays-Paris-02  

Diptyque flower window displays by Alexandre Roussard, Paris

(All photo rights reserved as provided by Retail Design Blog.)


6 Comments to “Dear Tuesday, 9.September.2012”

  1. I just love everything about these pictures! Even the building above the shop looks lovely and interesting.

    • Oh, Janel, thank you for commenting. I’m so glad you also liked these pictures!

      As a back story:
      I actually took a picture of one of the window displays back when I was in Paris last year. It didn’t come out right (all blurry), because it was dark and I had to delete the pic. Back then, it was even prettier (or to me it was) – filled with orchids. Many, many wonderfully colored and different types of orchids! <3
      When I got home, I couldn't find it on the internet anywhere. I had no idea which street the shop was on, no idea what it was called. And Google search doesn't help you when you don't know what to look for…
      When I opened a picture in Google image search today while searching for something completely different, I mis-clicked and the link appeared from the background. It had a different picture than the one I opened and so I scrolled down. They were all so beautiful. And slightly familiar. I figured just because it was Paris and many shops have lovely window displays. And then… I reached the last picture, the one of the shop from further away.
      Instant recognition! My gosh, I was sooo happy to find it now!

  2. it looks so nice, like it is a hollywood film set. love the shots. had to put it on my favorite places on pinterest :-D

  3. That. Is. Absolutely. Beautiful! You’ve gotta love Paris and its surprises on the tiniest of streets :)

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