I never get tired of…

… fresh mountain air

… reading and writing time

… peace and quiet

… purring cats

… soft, comfy pillows

… photography

… alone time with loved ones.


Your turn. What do you never get tired of?


*hiatus inspired ;)

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10 Comments to “I never get tired of…”

  1. I never get tired of:
    the mountains
    cool weather
    hugs from my grand daughter
    iced coffee

  2. Kisses from my husband
    Happy children
    Snuggling with the dog
    A quiet house
    The smell of brewing coffee

  3. CC’s smile
    Husband’s laugh
    Watching a movie together, piled on our bed, flanked by dogs
    Being in nature
    The sound of wind through trees

  4. I never get tired of:
    writing in bed
    smiles from strangers
    love, love, love

  5. Nice list!

    I never get tired of: tea, surprises, cartoons and old movies, reading, talking to my sweetheart.

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