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2012, September 24

Thoughts on love lettering

While having a soulful outlook on life, I am passionate about writing, reading, traveling, floral art and photography.

I was introduced to More Love Letters through my friend, Judy Clement Wall’s, blog where she talked about this website a few months back.

I loved the idea behind the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing and have decided to write some letters during December as a form of volunteering. Given my current financial state (or more accurately, the lack thereof), this seemed like one of the best ways to support a great cause.

Knowing that this is making people more at ease with their lives and happier to see how a perfect stranger cares enough to put pen to paper for them… it is an amazing experience.

Also, I think it runs deeper than that, as even though it was hard to write that first love letter, my letter for Priscilla has helped me a lot to deal with my own grief. I like to give back. I like how the help behind writing a love letter for someone goes both ways!

So far I’ve left love letters behind in elevators, bookstores at the vet’s. I’ve left love letters behind every single day in June, all over my city. I’ve left one behind at the Bride’s Veil Waterfall, and one in the wagon of a steam train in Vaser Valley during road trips. Of all, my favorite spot is the bookstore – I think it’s a nice touch to buy a book (or while flipping through it on the spot) and find a love letter in it.

There isn’t a wide variety of stationery available to me over at this end of the world, so my go-to are handmade cards. I recently learned how to make a heart shaped one which is my favorite so far as it allows for a lot of letter writing room while looking oh-so-pretty. I have also purchased some paper punchers and also use stamping to make my cards more beautiful.

If I had to write a love letter in 140-characters or less, it would say: Dear You! Look up. We’re all stars. You’re a star. But you’re not lost among them. You stand out, in so many people’s night sky! Love, ~E.A.

Tweet-sized love letter on handmade card

I think the people who consider everyone else first and don’t give themselves enough self-love are the ones in need of a love letter; of a reminder of how putting oneself first isn’t selfish, but necessary to be the best you that you can be.

My advice for a first-time letter writer is: Don’t be afraid of the outcome. The first letter (or even along the way there will be some letters) might be hard to write. But you will find your own style, your voice will shine through and you’ll find the best way to be there for your letter’s recipient.

Whom would I write, if I were stranded on a desert island and was only given one sheet of paper and a bottle, and told that my one letter would absolutely reach shore and find the hands of whoever I wrote it to? 

It would have to be someone who has instructions on how to log into my account and write my very last blog post for me (which would be in the letter I sent). Goodbyes aren’t easy for me, but I am friends with so many wonderful people whom I’ve met both online and offline, that I’d hate not being able to say goodbye to them, to tell them how important each and every one of them is to me, in a love letter.

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