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2012, September 26

Proof: the Universe provides

Things that surprise you are the most beautiful. When you forget a dream because it seems too far away or impossible. When suddenly you reach out to a stranger and magical things happen. So magical that they give your heart palpitations. Literally. My heart flutters with joy but mostly fear. Fear of not jinxing it, fear of people who might distrust me, fear that even though my joy grows and grows it might turn out badly. I want to believe that this time things happened because they need to happen, and someone out there is giving me a priceless opportunity.

I have no idea how this happened. Out of nowhere, without my conscious looking for it.

When I was little I dreamed of it. Then I didn’t give it much thought. In college the dream returned, but my specialization didn’t help much. So there it went again. After college, when I was finally working in that field, I began to dream again. I took a course and got a degree. Then, because of certain health and life events, I stopped. I completely forgot about the dream. I was still in love with it, but years passed.

Until the phone rang on September 5th and that changed everything in only a few hours. For two days, I could say that I wasn’t only a florist at heart, but one who actually gets to work in their field again!

It meant a few exhausting days until I got into the hang of it again and finished cleaning the newly opened flower shop. Then, it was over in as much time as it all began.


Now I’m looking for something else again, for a new job.

This turned out to be a short learning curve that helped me clarify something I needed to clarify within myself, for whatever reason. I learned about what I really want, what I’m willing to overlook, and what I won’t put up with.

(And after getting a new job, at least for an upcoming few months, it’ll mean an eight hour job + babysitting + crafting + tutoring + writing + Life. (Pretty much) Per day.)

However, dear friends, know that dreams are not lost even if you forget them.

The Universe provides. Even if at times, it’s only to course-correct.

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