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2012, October 1

October photo challenge

Here it is. The last quarter of 2012 (Where has this year raced to?). The Summer-turned-Fall and its beauty — yellow and red leaves, crazy winds through your hair, warm, golden sunrays and long shadows on the sidewalk, mystical sunsets, ripe purple grapes and apples falling off trees. (The month of Halloween.)

Let’s share it, from all over the Globe.


You can find the theme and suggestions for October now up on the Estrella’s ~Seasonal Photo Challenge~ page. Please drop by to check them out and leave me a comment there.

You can see my photos from September right here, where the logo for October is already up.

While you’re over on the Seasonal Challenge page, if you’d like to give me suggestions for August and upcoming months, I’d love to read them.

And of course, feel free to join in and snap some pictures. Or even post a link to just one photo, or a blog post which fits (any which one of) the suggestions.

It will be a lot of fun!


Know someone who also likes photography? Let them know about the photo challenge.

I’ve created a Facebook page for my seasonal photo challenge. “Like” if you like.

See how you can give me a hand and publicize my Seasonal Photo Challenge. Thank you! <3

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