Upcycling – Whimsical Planters (2)

I don’t know about you, but sadly it’s not within my budget to buy a planter, a plant pot cover for all my plants. I have some left over from previous years, some I received as gifts this year, and some I bought while on hiatus this summer.

Back in June, I gave you guys an idea on upcycling your unused mugs as plant pot covers. Some of those little plants outgrew their pots and needed to be relocated. But the pots I have are used and abused, either plastic or terracotta pots and plain; I just don’t like them anymore. I also have actual plants I wish I had some pot covers for to hide their current “brown plastic look”.

What was my solution for making my plant pots look whimsical and unique without spending any money on them? Read along ;)


 basket plant covers

First off, I looked around the house and found more items I didn’t use. That’s how the Saintpaulia and Kalanchoe plants each got baskets to look all pretty.

 painted pots

Then, I gathered my terracotta pots, sanded them, primed, then painted in vivid colors. My baby Kalanchoe and baby Hibiscus look very happy in their new pots.


french country pottery

A few days ago, I noticed Rukmini Roy’s blog post about her Indian Clay Pots upcycled to French Country Pots. Needless to say I fell instantly in love with the idea! I quickly gathered a few more of my Hungarian terracotta pots, and with two coats of white+silvery paint, sanding and some pretty, French looking motifs modge podged to their sides — I now have lovely French Country Pottery to display my Fittonia and the baby Avocado in.

 fabric covered pots

fabric decor

And for last, I did a little digging on Google, and found this great idea: fabric covered flower pots!

The pots I wanted to cover already contained most of my Saintpaulias, so I only covered them up to the rim. On the other hand, given the saucers are attached to the bottom and with the fabric not covering the rim, they’ll stay nice and dry when I’m watering the plants.

All the fabric I had laying around the house. As you can see, I went with denim decorated with lace for one of the pots. Colorful flower motif fabric decorated by tied sisal rope on the second. And since I used cut off shirt sleeves to cover the third plant pot, I decorated the sides with the left over cuffs. My Saintpaulia window garden is so much more fun than it was before!


10 Comments to “Upcycling – Whimsical Planters (2)”

  1. These are so cute! I bet your plants will thrive even more in the beautiful, new homes. ;)

  2. Love your ideas. I’m so boring… I have plain ole clay pots, but seem to like them like that!

    • That’s great, Lynn, I like them too actually. Clay pots are really pretty when they’re nice looking.
      Mine on the other hand are used and abused, as opposed to how they looked when my grandmother first bought them (something like this, only in flower pot form http://goo.gl/tyQex ); that’s why I wanted this little makeover session ;)

  3. I love your ideas but I am more in love with your plants! Are those African violets? They’re hard for me to grow. Also, after kalanchoe blooms one time, I have never been able to get it to look so thick and healthy and bloom again!

    • Thank you, Tammy!

      Yes, Saintpaulias are African Violets. They can be pretty sassy if they’re not in “just the right spot” ;) I tried to grow them when I lived in a flat for a couple of years, but they always died. What I’ve noticed is, despite what websites and books on plants say, they prefer to be placed in windows facing from North to East (or maybe North-West) so they get plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. They’re usually only okay with early morning and sunset light.

      As for Kalanchoe, have you tried to cut off the dried flowers with the stem? I do that and then place it in a shady spot for a month or two, water it even less frequently then place it back in its sunny spot. It won’t be quite as thick, but it will bloom again (or at least mine did).

    • I just left you a comment on your blog, looks like I did recall correctly that you were the one who said this about their Kalanchoe. The baby one that you could see in the planters is looking nice and vigorous, just needed to be cut back after blooming like I mentioned before :)
      By now have a total of four plantersful, and they’re all so pretty! Just cut back one of them my grandma got tired of. She never cut it before, and now it’s basically a stump. But it was so many new leaves that’ll turn all pretty soon.

  4. How great! Those are such great ideas, especially the baskets and fabric covered pots.

  5. I have some scraps of fabric just perfect for something similar! Thanks :)

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