Of precious things

Today, I am pleased to interrupt this non-blogging Tuesday and direct your attention toward the Fear of Writing website, where my guest post “This precious thing of relaxing and doing what we love” is featured today.

It is a rewrite of my last assignment for Milli Thornton’s Ace Your 10K Day online course, and I am particularly proud of this piece and my achievements.

Come read it and let me know, in the comment section there, what you think.

Do you ever pamper yourself with taking a whole day for writing? How much, if at all, do you prep ahead of time for writing? Do you experience days when nothing goes right, and then in ten minutes your whole day shifts around and you end up writing up a storm?

4 Comments to “Of precious things”

  1. Nice article Estrella! You’ve inspired me to write 10k… just not sure what day yet!

  2. Congrats, that’s a good article!

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