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2012, October 17

Getting the boot to fit one’s garden

While on one of the road trips we took over the summer, I bought a sweet little potted Hypoesthesia. I love it so much, especially cause it’s so colorful and deserving of the informal name of Polka Dot Plant ;)

For a while it stood in its pot next to my other plants – but I had plans for it! As soon as I got a little bit more time on my hands, I repotted it. Why is that such a big deal, you might ask? Because I repotted it into an old rubber boot.

Want to know how I did it? It was really easy!

page boot prep 

page boot plant pot

Repotting into a rubber boot

I used one of my grandma’s old rubber boots (I’ll use its pair for another plant in the Spring).

First I washed it well.

Then, I made tiny holes in the sides of the boot, near the outsole.

I added some rocks to make sure it was heavy on the bottom and won’t tip over in heavier wind; filled the instep with the rocks.

The boot had some lining and padding, so as not to have it unnecessarily steal water from the plant, I decided to recycle an old soda bottle. I cut off the soda bottle’s top, stuck it upside down into the boot, then marked it and cut off the excess.

Filled the bottle inside the boot with plant soil, then repotted my Hypoesthesia.

For the final touch, I watered it well, until the water started pouring out through the holes near the outsole; to make sure the soil was well drenched in water.

After that, I placed it next to my other plants and not it proudly stands out among them ;)

Happy gardening! ;)

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