What do I suck at?

As Danielle LaPorte phrased it:

The point of this exercise is to notice where you have tension around being lame at something. The things on your “I suck at…” list are the things that have bothered you frequently or deeply for a long time. You have fought against them, felt less than because of them, and tried to cover up for them.
When we put our weaknesses in plain language and clear view, we can see where we need to become more conscious, and how our so called “shortcomings” point to our true strengths.”

Go figure. I actually don’t have to be a genius at everything? Sweet!

So, what do I suck at?

  • Mostly all forms of sewing. Give me a tire to change and I’ll do it. I can do quite a few things which are considered slightly tomboyish. I have and am great at so many creative outlets. And in my defense, I can fasten a button in place. But for the life of me I can’t make my sewing look nice.
  • Being patient. Usually, when I think of something, I’d like it done yesterday, or possibly even before that.
  • That social thingy. I don’t like going out/or being in the same room with a big group of people. I. Just. Don’t. And when on occasion, I actually do enjoy the people, I’ll get lost in my thoughts and in being a typical writer/introvert and observe rather than initiate conversations. I’m trying to get better at this, but would like a bit more understanding from extroverts.
  • Apologizing. I feel bad terrible. I think of ways to make it up and do better next time. But on the spot… *sigh*
  • Letting go. Of old habits. Of relationships. Of unchangeable events. Of things-one-made-me-feel-bad-about. Of unspoken rules. And forgetting. I’ll forget anything and everything if I don’t add it to my to-do list, but will remember who pulled my pony tails in second grade. – This is something I’m luckily much better at; still, slight improvement needed.
  • Dividing attention. Especially if I’m writing. You can use neon signs and I’ll still remain emerged in my own little world (or get upset fast about bothering me when I’m concentrating!)
  • Expressing my feelings. Sometimes. I tend to shut down and stew instead of expressing why I’m upset. I’m good enough at using my words, but there are times when I wish one could read my mind and leave well enough alone when I just want to crawl under a rock.
  • Fakin’ it. If my heart’s not in it, might as well forget it; there is no way I can fake it. “It” being: flash fiction, poems, letters, travel articles, crafting, gardening, interest, orgasm, enthusiasm, feelings, relationships, passion, etc. – anything at all.
  • And probably a few more minor things…


How about you? What do you suck at?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.


14 Comments to “What do I suck at?”

  1. i’m right there with you except on the sewing, but it’s something i’ve had a passion for since a child and i just kept at it until i got better.
    things that you don’t suck at ~
    being a friend
    being creative
    do-it-yourself beauty products

    i could go on and on! you’re a wonderful, special person, Estrella and i love you! *Hugs*

    • *blush* thank you, Dani, you are such a wonderful friend, yourself.
      I do know there are so many things I’m good at, but it was about time I acknowledged these things I suck at, “out loud” like this.

  2. I love this post!

    Just a few..(because of the time factor, not because I don’t have more than a few :)

    Multitasking — I’ve simply come to accept the fact I can’t go there.
    Sewing is so on my list!
    Peace — I’ve recently accepted this unacceptable fact. There is too much of the warrior in me. While I’ve definitely toned this down to a large degree, I’ve had to make friendly relations with it inside me. I don’t think that part of me will ever stand down.

  3. I’m with you on sewing, I have some sort of sewing disability. You’d think someone who can draw fairly well would be able to employ her small-motor skills with needle and thread.. My seams look like caterpillars. Faking it — can’t do it. Just can’t. Could never be a politician. Let’s see, what else do I suck at? So many choices. Keeping things organized. I used to be good at this … don’t know what happened. Paying attention. If there’s a radio on while someone is speaking, I have to turn it off and focus. Again, haven’t always been this way. Age? Following dance steps/aerobics along with the group. When they’re right, I’m left. Plenty more.

    • Not to worry about the sewing. You’d also think someone who does crafts as a freelance business would be able to employ her small-motor skills with a needle and thread as well. Not by a long shot though.
      Thanks for playing with me and adding your list! Nice to see you couldn’t be a politician either ;)
      And I don’t think the things on your list are because of age. I also focus better with no music, or maybe just instrumental. That’s an introvert thing, I’d say ;)

  4. The social thingy is definitely on my list, but I’ve accepted that I’m an introverted person who likes to do my own thing with few or no other people. So I’m not really bothered too much by it.
    I suck at expressing my emotions….. I either don’t say it right or I try too hard to make sure it is understood. That last one less often often.
    The boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Never works out……. May have to do with the first two things I mentioned.

    • That’s great that you’re not bothered much about the social thingy. I’m not either, except for when I’m expected to be in social settings and I don’t want to.
      The emotions… yeah, same here sometimes.
      As for the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, I believe you’ll find the right someone when you least expect it :) Things have a way of working out like that.

  5. Oh yeah….. I also suck at the whole “selling” thing. Being an author of two self-published books, this is probably not the best quality to suck at.

  6. Socializing and selling is on my list too! Along with not getting to the point when I’m yacking away :-). I do have the sewing thing down though! Yippee! Not that I do a lot of sewing these days, but…

  7. You are what my long lost twin sister? From point 1 to Point end, I suck at all of those.
    Don’t know if I should feel bad that I do or happy that Im not the only one :P Great post Es.

    • I’m torn of whether to feel bad about it, or be happy I’m not the only one. Anyway, acknowledging is the best starting point, so we’ve got that covered ;)
      Thanks, Rukmini!

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