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2012, October 24

Our most valued treasure and what we teach children

A friend of mine works as a kindergarten teacher. I know I told you about her before, when my grandfather and I went in to surprise the kids with a visit from St. Nick and his trusty helper ;)

Not too long ago, as we were talking, she mentioned how one day she asked the kids what their most valued treasure was. I thought that was such a great idea to ask three to six-year-olds! Sure the answers were both varied and the same as each of the kids took turns in answering.

For the most part, they answered “my mom and dad”, “my new baby sister”, “my red ball granny gave me” and other things along these lines. Then, one of the three-year-old kids, whose parents own several stores in the city, replied with “the paper bills in my piggy bank”.

Which prompts me to ask: isn’t that just sad? Especially coming from a child still in kindergarten? Will he ever treasure anything else? (I truly hope so!)

For most of us, our first thought, when being asked about a treasure, is a mental image of a treasure chest opened up to reveal radiant gold or jewels. Sure, as adults we realize the value of money, gold and the alike, but I, personally, still don’t consider these to be my most valued treasures. Because there are so many other meanings to the word.

Wikipedia online dictionary defines several interpretations of the term. Some of them are:

Treasure – Noun

A Concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten, until being rediscovered. — Couldn’t that be a rekindled, a long lost love?

Any possession that is highly valued by it’s owner. – Like my earrings, bracelet and pendant from a dear friend from overseas are sentimentally meaningful to me.

Treasure – Verb

To care for, be fond of, or be attached to.

To hold dear — I treasure old family photographs.

What is the common denominator in the above definitions? Treasures are defined by us, according to what we hold in high regard.

The real treasure is the meaning behind the object, more so than the object itself.

I hope more and more adults will begin to notice the Treasures all around us. And teach children these same important values!


That said, my most valued treasure is my attitude. Toward Love, Family, Friendship, writing and even possessions.


What is Your most valued treasure? If you have children, have you managed to teach them the difference between money and true value treasures? Go ask them what their most valued treasure is, I’d love to see the answers :)

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