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2012, October 28

Recipe of the Month: Elder Flower Syrup

As you might have read in my travel article on Milliver’s Travels, “Romanian road trip, just for the fun of it”, we drove by a house on top of one hill where I noticed Elders in full bloom. They weren’t in bloom back in the city anymore but liked the different weather up in the mountains.

I asked for us to stop and went up to the people living there, asking nicely to let me pick some flowers to dry. (Since I’m not supposed to have medication, Elder flower/berry tea is very much a part of my war plan against the sniffles.) It turned into a lovely chat where we swapped recipes for Elder flower lemonade, and I learned a new recipe for Elder flower syrup.

By the end of our chat I had a big bag of flowers to take home to dry, plus try the following syrup recipe (which turned out lovely and very flavorful).

Who would’ve thought I’d take home a brand-new recipe I learned on the top of a mountain?


Elder Flower Syrup

about 50 elder flowers 
4 lemons, washed and cut in half
2-3 tablespoons lemon salt
5 liters water
5 kg sugar
syrup preservative

Place the Elder flowers into a five liter glass or plastic bottle. Add the lemons (cut them up more if they don’t fit through the opening), lemon salt and pour the water over it.

Place the lid on, and leave in a cool place for 48 hours.

Filter after two days into a large pot, add the sugar and syrup preservative, then mix until they’re all dissolved. You should have a smooth syrup by the time you are finished.

Pour in smaller bottles and store in a cool place. 


Happy drinking ;)

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