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2012, October 29

Before reaching the great sea

I have plans, dreams and ideas. I know that to reach them, it is not enough to leave them flutter in my mind. But I also know that there is something that stops me from taking that great and important step. I’ve been told, in so many words, by people who don’t seem to understand me, that: I am to blame, that I stand in my own way, because I’m lazy, because I’m scared or because I just do not feel like doing it.

But with each passing day a more and more powerful thought builds up; namely that I actually did not stop. I know I am moving forward. And the path I am making my way through now is exactly the one that I must follow to reach my dream. I know that every experience is a lesson and I think I have to go all the way, to take all I need to from here, to see and hear and maybe even forget things.

I no longer run, but try to let it come on its own when I’m ready and I have learned all that I needed to learn. And yes, I know and am convinced that we must step over many, many boulders and through much mud before learning to walk on water.

But the great sea is out there, waiting for me, and I am counting my steps up until I can reach it. I’ll take one more step tomorrow, the day after tomorrow another one, and increasingly I will get closer and closer.

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