Happy Halloween & some other thoughts

Happy Halloween everyone!

People don’t really celebrate it here in Romania, but whatever. Why should that stop me from carving a pumpkin for October 31st?

So here’s the masterpiece the Chef and I made this Monday.

IMG_7459-1 IMG_7466-1 


I think, yes, one can write for themselves and only for themselves, with absolutely no thought or desire to be read by anyone.

(Even if that also means my 8th grade journal, which I hid for years before throwing it out with my own two hands, with all its pages shredded.)


Starting Saturday, I have a new job.

I sent in my CV for a different position and ended up being interviewed for this one. Sales representative and home design advisor at a curtain and textiles shop. I’m nervous. I only have a year of interior design in the background for this and I haven’t worked in sales since 2008. However, I have a good feeling about this!

Thank you for everyone’s encouraging FB likes and comments on the day of the interview (and upon announcing that I got the job.) *hugs everyone*


The above statement also means much, much less internet time and severely fewer free days. So I’ve decided to cut back on blogging, until I get into the hang of things at the new job.

Starting next Monday, I’ll be posting one blog post per week. Occasionally there will be more, when I have travel articles and other good news; plus a recipe of the month on a Sunday.

Also, for tomorrow I’ve already signed up for Mindful Writing Day. Really looking forward to writing my small stone. And I think I’ll share here on the blog.

Other than that, I’ll see you here every Monday!


8 Comments to “Happy Halloween & some other thoughts”

  1. Happy Halloween :) :) :)
    Take care

  2. Happy Halloween to you, too!

    I’m sure you will do fabulously at your new job. I think you have the kind of personality that will make you a great salesperson. :D

    • Thanks, Happy (very belated) Halloween :)
      Well, my introvert personality doesn’t exactly work in favor of my being a good salesperson, but I’m hoping that having a passion for interior design and colors and such will help out and give me the confidence needed to sell stuff.

  3. Nice pumpkins and congrats on the new position. I’m sure you’ll do a magnificent job!

    • Thank you, Lynn, glad you like the pumpkin we made. I really wanted something more interesting than just the eyes/nose/mouth, so this bat pattern was perfect!

      And thanks for the confidence, I’ve started the new job since you commented here and it is going well. Lots and lots to learn and get used to, but I like it so far.

  4. Your readers will still be here, I’m sure. Break a leg at the new job!

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