Small Stones of Mindful Writing Day

Today I am taking part in Mindful Writing Day. My day consists of three plus trips from home downtown and vice versa. Taking a few minutes to stop and think, pay proper attention to the world around me seems like the best possible choice for this hectic day.

Following are my small stones (in plural, because I will update this blog post as the day goes by.) Please stop by later as well.

November 1st is the Day of the Dead here in Romania. Hundreds of people pile into the cemeteries. They bring flowers, sweep leaves off graves, light candles. Some bring apples, chestnuts and wallnuts – which will inevitably get airborne in the claws of crows looking for food in this chilly weather.

My belief in the following thought is reinforced every year around this date:

I think the value of a person not only consists of the importance he or she gives to life, but also in the respect for the memory of those who aren’t among us anymore.

And, for some reason, the image of the lit cemetery gives me comfort that death is nothing but a mere trip somewhere far away.

The weather affects us more than we think. No matter if it’s just a rainy day, or a hurricane-filled period. Because after the rain has stopped and the wind isn’t ravaging our streets anymore: sunny days bring hope. Hope that Fall doesn’t turn chilly quite as quickly before the heat is back. Hope that one’s new job will turn out to be exactly what they were looking for while their world sometimes seems to be falling apart. Hope that when the weather channel says it’s safe to be out again, it is actually meant.

Constantly thinking of my friends these days, I pray they are all safe.

Stealing is something I’ll probably never understand. But it’s something we confront every day. When one finds the flowers taken to a grave, a few days before, missing… one can’t help but feel useless for not being able to keep it from happening.

Letting the melody carry me to another world. Feeling the words with every little corner of my heart.


13 Responses to “Small Stones of Mindful Writing Day”

  1. I enjoyed reading these Estrella – very thoughtful pieces.

  2. Love the thoughts Estrella, especially around the day of the dead. While I dont visit cemeteries, I do understand the need or desire to do so, the honoring of lives that have been important to you.

    Anyway, I like the perspectives as you walk around. Its easy to get so busy that you miss what is right before you.

    Thanks again

    • Thank you, Kenneth! It is important to honor the lives that were important to us, even if it isn’t by visiting cemeteries.

      I was walking around too much, and updated the small stones the following day, when I could really sit down and think. It worked out well, I see.
      Thanks for dropping by! *hugs*

  3. I had no idea that The Day of the Dead was celebrated/honored to a great degree anywhere else aside from Mexico and South America. Just shows what I know/don’t know about the world. I wish it were something we did, as a culture, here in the US. Here, it seems much is done to ignore death and make it into something scary. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/mindfulness.

    • I’m not surprised, Terri, many people don’t think of the Day of the Dead being celebrated elsewhere. It is such a big holiday in the Mexico/South America area, that it gets all the “attention”. And even here it is celebrated differently by gypsies for example, who are more “show-off-y”, throwing small parties as opposed to just lighting a candle and paying one’s respects at the grave site. It is really interesting to hear them singing and celebrating death much like people do in Mexico/South America.
      Death is made into something scary here as well, all over the world it has that possibility. I think the important thing is what everyone believes on their own.

  4. Love your small stones, Estrella. Glad you participated!

  5. Such lovely observations.

  6. Love what you paid attention to, beautiful imagery!


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