Forget measurements. Let it overflow!

I think there is good measure for everything. As is in the kitchen so that your cookies come out exactly right, you have to add the exact amounts of each ingredient, and for that we fill our cabinets and drawers with cups, spoons, pots, scales and many many more such precise measuring instruments.

Why can’t we be fortunate enough to find such measuring instruments for work, love, leisure, dreams, wanders, for passion, sadness, tears and smiles? It would be easier to know exactly when to stop serving and how much silence to sprinkle on top. Or how many tablespoons of sun we need per day and how many milliliters of rain. Perhaps it would lead us to a new recipe for life.

Unfortunately, happiness is measured by pipette and pain goes by kilograms. Walks are taken in inches and work in nautical miles.

But you know something?

The only one for which there is no high enough measure to encompass is love. We can add as much as we’d like, the recipe will always come out amazing if not that much better.

So forget measurements. Let it overflow with love!

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8 Comments to “Forget measurements. Let it overflow!”

  1. One word……. “Exceptional!” It would be nice if others thought similar to you.

  2. How true, so many things could use just the perfect measure! I like your ending thought, love should never be measured.

  3. i believe the more we love, the more love we receive, the more love we have to give.

    Love you!

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