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I have written about small kindnesses before. Like in my blog post “Fifteen minutes and a doodle” from 2011, or in “Orchids and love” from 2009. There are other posts as well about kindness, sprinkled all over my blog.


Today, I want to tell you about the time when my at-the-time boyfriend broke my teapot. It was an accident, but it made me seriously upset because I only warned him a few minutes before the teapot was on the floor, shattered to hundreds of pieces. That particular teapot was from my mom, it had a nice, different shape than other ones I’ve had, it was the perfect size for as many cups of tea as I drank per day, and then it was broken. I went to bed angry…

By the time I got home the next day, there was a box waiting for me on the bed. I opened it, in it was a teapot. Similar to my old broken one, about the same size. My boyfriend went from store to store trying to find one that day so I’d be able to make tea in the afternoon. Such a loving, thoughtful and sweet gesture!

That is the teapot I’ve used ever since, and have only put it away this summer when its handle broke…

I’m unsure why this particular memory stood out as I started writing this blog post today, but I’ve long decided not to fight it and just post what feels right at the moment.

And, I want to say “Thank you!” again.


Another small kindness which warms my heart is receiving lovely gifts from a friend who lives seas, oceans and continents away. They’re displayed on my shelf, one of the first things I see after waking up.

I’ve always wanted chopsticks, and after a visit to China, he sent me a pair. They’re so beautiful! He’s such an amazing friend, I wish for everyone to have someone like him in their life! I love him dearly!


The most recent small kindness I’ve received was in form of two small chocolates to take and “eat them at work when you can use a sugar rush”. It made me smile. And feel grateful. And fall in love just a little bit more. <3



The Blogsplash is organized by Fiona Robyn to celebrate the release of her novel ‘Small Kindnesses’ which will be free on Kindle all day today. All you have to do is write something about being kind – a memory of someone who was kind to you, a list of kindnesses over the past week, or something kind you did for someone else. It’ll be a celebration of kindness in all its forms, especially those little kind acts that make all the difference.
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10 Comments to “Small Kindnesses {Blogsplash}”

  1. I’m always behind on reading blogs…. BIG SIGH… but the idea sounded really nice. BTW, I did mail my lovebundle today and I’ll be sending you photos soon. xxo

  2. I’m so happy to have read this! Thank you, Estrella! I do love the teapot story. :)

  3. Beautiful memories. One of my favorites is when my daughter brought home a snail from school, because “mommy likes to pick them up and set them aside so people won’t step on them”. :)
    I’ll drop by to check out that book now even though it’s long past the day it was available for free.

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