Ten things I’m thankful for, all year round

(Happy seriously belated Thanksgiving?) ;-)

Here is a list of ten things I’m thankful for, all year round:

  1. Hugs; virtual and real-life ones
  2. Handmade greeting cards; well, handmade *anything* really
  3. My online jobs; the jury is still out on the new real-life one
  4. Cuddles from the Chef
  5. My books; and notebooks, and laptop
  6. Smiley people
  7. Love letters
  8. Family; either blood-related or not
  9. the Universe providing
10. Stroopwafles!


PS: also thankful for the inspiration for this blog post, j!

8 Comments to “Ten things I’m thankful for, all year round”

  1. Nice list! Aren’t stroopwafles the best?

  2. I totally agree with hugs…. there awesome in any form. :) I’m assuming there is no actual ranking to this list.

  3. here is an endless supply of virtual *Sparkly Squishy Hugs*
    i’m sorry i still have not gotten to a post office to send you a “real” card ~ i promise you’ll get it someday in 2013. {smile}
    i am thankful for you, my wonderful friend!

    Happy Holidays, sweetheart!

    • Aww *sparkly squishy hugs* right back at you, Dani!
      No worries, I’m happy to receive a “real” card anytime; nice to look forward to receiving one from you in 2013. I, too, and thankful for you, my dear friend!

      Happy Holidays to you too, honey! <3 <3 <3

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