Random thoughts from the workplace

  • I like darkness it seems, since every morning I forget to turn on all the lights.
  • People do have money if they can afford to buy $250 worth of curtain tassels.
  • Since when have people become this egocentric and loud? (I’ve been yelled at by rude customers quite a few times so far…) And I have a feeling it’ll only become worse as Christmas approaches.
  • I really want to change my curtains ;)
  • Murphy’s Law applied to curtain shop “If you have 5 customers talking at you, asking questions from different corners of the shop — a 6th is bound to come in and ask to see a large fabric roll from the very top of the shelves, near the ceiling.”
  • My advice on handling customers? If they come in looking anywhere but you, look at them when they’re getting closer to you. They’ll turn around and leave immediately. Imagine if you also said “hello”, they’d probably run out the door.
  • My colleagues are wonderful people, they are both highly protective of me. They make it all so much more fun! 
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4 Comments to “Random thoughts from the workplace”

  1. The joys of working retail. I remember those days, not so fondly either! Hang in there. You’ll get used to it.

  2. You poor thing… wish I could make it better for you. I don’t understand why people have to be so rude, but they are super lucky to have you waiting on them.

    • Thanks, Lynn. It’ll pass once the holidays are over. (I hope!)
      My feeling that it’ll only get worse as X-mas approaches turned out to be true. I honestly don’t even feel like going in to work tomorrow, there were sooo many rude customers this week! Especially at nearly 10pm when I had to close the shop…
      It only makes me stronger, right? *sigh*

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