Dear Universe,

Yesterday was beyond awful. From start to work-day-finish. And then, when a group of carolers got on the bus and sang three songs right then and there, I got all teary.

You’ve restored my faith in humanity.

Thank you!


8 Comments to “Dear Universe,”

  1. Life is amazing, isn’t it? *hugs*

  2. About time someone appreciated a caroler. And may you have a blessed holiday, Estrella. You deserve some good tidings.

    • Thanks for commenting, John. Nice to see you also like carolers!
      This never happened in previous years, I am so thankful to have crossed paths (or bus routes to be more exact) with these guys. They sang beautifully, and were literally spreading holiday joy!
      Hope you have a blessed holiday, John, you definitely also deserve some good tidings :)

  3. So sorry you had an awful day, but glad your faith in humanity was restored! YAY!

    • So am I, Lynn, so am I! You should’ve heard them. Like I just replied to John, this hasn’t happened to me before in previous years, which makes it special. And even more special and powerful because it happened on the night I needed it most!

  4. That sounds like a good bus ride, I never encountered carolers on buses before.

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