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2012, December 31

My intentions for next year

I stumbled across one of artist Emily McDowell’s illustrations on Facebook last week. About it, Emily says: “In between all the holiday insanity, I’ve been thinking a lot about my intentions for 2013. How will I be with myself? How will I show up for myself and others? Where do I want to go?” Those questions inspired her to create this piece, recently added to her shop.

Her illustration, and the same questions inspired me to form my answers and end this year’s blogging with this declaration of my intentions for 2013.

estrellas intention 2013

For a writing declaration: I’ll join the Mindful Writing Challenge and write one small stone every day of January 2013.
It won’t be much length wise, for sure, but it will get me in the habit of carving out at least fifteen to twenty minutes of writing, ever single day.

As for a reading resolution: I’m challenging myself to read 25 books this year. In case things will be cool at work for a while, I might up that to 30 books.

I will also give up buying something else and buy one book each month in 2013. Who knows, if I’m lucky, I might just buy one of those on a trip somewhere in a different country.

Your turn. What are your declarations for next year?

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