Looking back, 2012 on camera

Following is my year in review, 2012 caught on camera. I took some of them during my Seasonal Photo Challenge. Some, outside of that box’s contents, just because.

And, while going through my pics from last year to choose only 12 for this blog post, I noticed: 2012 wasn’t all that bad.
If 2013 ends up being only half as good, it’ll still be awesome!

2012 jan feb mar apr

2012 may jun jul aug

2012 sep oct nov dec  

Want to join in? What was your 2012 like? Leave me a link in the comments to your photos :)

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10 Comments to “Looking back, 2012 on camera”

  1. Wonderful photographic skills! While there are links to images on my blog, my most recent post has a short music video about transforming fear and feeling safe. Wishing you continued creative success.

  2. Such beautiful photos, nice year in review post!

  3. I love that the post wraps up with the adorable miniature snowman.

  4. Ha, by the time I’d get something together for 2012, the year 2013 might be over!

  5. You are highly talented, beautiful photos!

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