I can has time management tips?

Hello world!

I’m back :) Not that I was really gone, but during the craziness that November and December were at work, all I could muster were some blog posts in the form of lists, I let photos do the talking, and wrote one single (proper) article about gifts for writers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of blah… I’m doing well, don’t get me wrong. Except when people ask how things are with me and I say “Good, thanks.” their reply is usually “That’s not too convincing.”

And the thing is, they’re probably right. I might not sound too convincing when I say that I am fine. Because as well as everything is going in general, I’m tired exhausted.

The reasons?

Well, for starters, the shop I work in is in a mall. And it’s loud. I’m constantly listening to at least three stores’ music blasting at full volume, to shut out the loud mall music from the hallways. I’ve checked actually and, if I stand in one exact spot, I can best hear the music from Mango (across the hall and slightly to the right of us), and if I stand in another exact spot, I can best hear the music from Kenvelo; and so on.

(Currently playing are: that French chick I seriously dislike, and we tryyy, tragedy, twilight, and that song from “The Ugly Truth”, mixed with a few others I can’t make out. And you’ve read these “titles” correctly. My mind simply can’t recall titles at the moment. Or my own name for that matter.)

I barely listen to music at home anymore. It irritates my eardrums! I turn my mom’s radio off as soon as, depending on my work shift, I get home or wake up and walk into the kitchen.

The good thing is that the shopping craze has cooled down, so this month I get to say “I’m bored” and I’ve actually been able to read (three books and counting) at work. I’ve slowly, painfully slowly, taught myself to shut out the noise while I read. But that’s about the only time I can manage it.

Also, at the moment I’m writing this blog post at work. Can barely focus properly, so I don’t see this becoming a regular thing even if time permits to type away.

You can imagine how much this whole situation appeals to my seriously introverted self…

The other issue is the schedule and my virtually nonexistent free time.

The commute takes about an hour, each way. It is also sprinkled with mismatching bus schedules which keep me in the cold for a good ten to twenty minutes in different bus stops.

When I work the morning shift I work until 5pm, but get home around 6pm. From waking up at 7am, and sitting in this noise for eight hours, I’m usually spent by the time I get home and all I want to do is have dinner and go to bed. That never happens though, as things tend to pile up around the house which need attending to.

When I work the afternoon shift, I wake up, have breakfast and maybe have time for an e-mail or two, feed the cats and do the dishes before I need to leave for work. Maybe. Then I’m at work until 10 pm, getting home around 11pm and all I do is take a shower, eat a few bites and crash into bed.

Repeat on the following day.

I only have one full weekend off, and if I’m lucky, another half a weekend off. The rest of my days off are spread out, one or two at a time, throughout the week.

And here I stopped writing. It took a while before being able to form thoughts again, and add the following.

I lack the skills to excel at time management!

Or if not, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, but I am not getting things done. Not as much as I’d like.

People keep saying I should turn stuff down, stop doing a few things.

But… babysitting and tutoring are behind me being replaced by this job.

Then, I’ve already reduced my blogging to just one post per week, I gave up participating in 10K Days, I hardly ever leave comments on other people’s blog posts (am so glad when I get to at least read them!), I’m giving up my plaster casting business (though I didn’t accept orders since I started working here anyway), and I’ve refused a few other commitments as well.

And there still isn’t enough time to do the minimal things I have to get done. What else do I need to give up that I love?

I need some love today.

And some tips. How do you get things done? What does proper time management look like? How do you make time for everything and everyone?

14 Comments to “I can has time management tips?”

  1. You have to start with what’s important and if you do, you’ll get razor focus. For me, it’s God, my health, my family, my work and my community. Then you organize around those events and every single week, you take an hour and a half to look at the week that’s coming.

    • Sounds so great in theory. But I won’t let myself get down. I am going to give it a try, Tammy, thank you!
      Your list is wonderful, as are you. Glad to see you are making it work for you :)

  2. It’s amazing you have time to blog at all. I’m not a good one to ask about time management. I either have too little or too much.

    • I know, it truly is a miracle at this point. But I’m with you on the sometimes having too much! Balance is needed. And here I thought I’ve just found my balance over the summer. Now it’s upside down again :(

  3. I use a date book to keep track of everything I need and want to do. When I have to pick the kids up, what writing I need to get done, when I work, etc. Date books with several lines for each day is the key for me, along with having a spiral binding so I can keep it open to the current day – right beside me. Write things down, keep lists, update those lists continually…those are my tips! Hopefully you’ll get the hang of it all soon. :)

    • Hopefully! This does sound great, and I just received a beautiful, spiral binding date book the other day. Your advice and the Universe are in sync it seems ;) Thank you!

  4. Time management can be both difficult and simple. Difficult because it seems the list of things to do tends to out run the time allowed to do them in, and that can be frustrating! But simple because I think we tend to want to do too much.and can’t allow ourselves to be satisfied with the things we do get accomplished.
    Focus on the important things. 24 hrs in a day is still the same 24hrs in a day. Work and commutes may take longer but that’s a part of life we all have to figure out how to deal with.

    I wish I had more time to write and be the creative person that I am; I wish I had more time to go for walks with my dog or to the movies with friends; the list could really go on. But I think time management is getting done what REALLY needs to get done…. including things you need and want, but I think it all has to do with perspective. What’s really important to you? You may just be placing too much emphasis on certain things.

    • Frustrating. There’s a work I use every single day, for now. You are onto something, Mark, maybe it is also that I want to do too much.
      I do try to place emphasis on the right things, the things I love doing.
      Maybe it also has something to do with the lack of support and help with minimal things which have to get done or the house would look like crap, but which aren’t necessarily my area… Just thinking out loud here…

  5. Its a constant juggling act for me… Wish I could help with more than the usual prioritize, make a list, stick to it…. yada, yada, yada… Sometimes, it is best to just go with the flow. and accept that things are working out the way they are meant to be… :-)
    I’ve been writing my small stones on my blogspot blog.

    • Just writing the small stones this month is proving to be a challenge, more of a challenge than I would’ve thought. I’m taking that to mean, I really should strive to be more observant AND write it down.
      Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll try to let myself just go with the flow sometimes.

  6. Boy, I’m exhausted just reading what your day was like! Makes me feel more grateful that I don’t have to work outside the home. I feel like I’m more organized and manage my time better when I have less of it, which makes no sense at all. Now that I’ve started school, we’ll see what happens with that! Bless you – take care of yourself first and foremost!

    • Thanks for the sympathy! It makes sense, Lynn, I know quite a few people who manage their time better when they have less of it. I’m just not one of them, unfortunately. You take care of yourself as well, with the new classes now!

  7. What works really well for me, is:
    Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that produce most of your results.
    Schedule time for interruptions.
    and Put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you absolutely have to get work done.

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