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2013, January 28

Sometimes, the answer is ever-changing

What does “a good life” mean to you? This was the question. And there were so, so many wonderful, heart breaking and tears inducing answers.

My answer?

“Hmm…” (I typed that and immediately ran a different direction leaving my comment on my friend j’s blog post in midair. Then I went back and elaborated on that).

I was thinking I don’t know how to define a good life. Or how to best describe it. How to say everything I want to say in less than a way too long list.

So I’ll just say this. Maybe it isn’t about a definition. Maybe it isn’t about the best description. Or saying everything in a list or in one word.
Maybe it’s all about that little inner compass pointing North when we’re headed in the right direction, and standing still when we have reached it.

And maybe, just maybe, the answer is ever-changing. Much like ourselves.

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