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2013, February 25

Liqueur and Champagne bottle upcycling: Mood lamps

This is something I wanted to make since the end of 2011, yet haven’t managed to find the right tools. Read the second half of the previous sentence as: I have this little phobia of sharp, pain-inducing things and my fingers being in their vicinity on a surface that might shatter, so I wasn’t in any kind of hurry. ;)

I really wanted a unique mood lamp; this liqueur bottle saved for thirty or so years by my mom (nope, never throws anything away) was perfect for it. And also, I figured this would be the perfect gift for the Chef as he didn’t have a bedside lamp; so matted white bottle it was.

Then, just before Christmas last year I recalled my grandpa telling me years ago that one of our neighbors used to work with glass. I immediately rushed over, told him what I wanted and he helped me out with drilling two holes for the cords.

However, in case you don’t have a neighbor like mine, here’s a quick tutorial from Wit & Whistle, where I first saw the idea.

page liqueur bottle light My liqueur bottle mood lamp

page champagne bottle light  The Chef’s Birthday present

Liqueur and Champagne bottle upcycling: Mood lamps

You’ll need:

an empty wine bottle
a drill
safety glasses and gloves (just in case the bottle breaks)
1/2″ glass drill bit
masking tape
short strand of Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end)

How to:

1. Rinse out your wine bottle and remove the labels (if desired).

2. Place a piece of masking tape on the bottle where you want to drill the hole for the cord. The tape keeps the drill bit from slipping.

3. Put on your gloves and goggles and start drilling. Don’t apply too much pressure or you could break the glass. The drilling takes a long time. I spent about 30 minutes drilling the hole. Be patient!

4. Once your hole is drilled rinse the glass shavings out of your bottle, and let the bottle dry.

5. Carefully feed the strand of Christmas lights into the hole you drilled.


*tutorial from Wit & Whistle

For a different take on bottle upcycling, give Rukmini Roy’s tutorial a read DIY: Wine bottle pendant with stained glass effect & Tutorial – I really like this one as well!

Happy crafting! ;)

2013, February 18

Recipe of the month: Estrella’s Love Pizza

Given it’s February, the month of Love, I (while I strongly believe we need to let Love guide us every single day and moment of a year!) decided to share with you my favorite pizza recipe. I made this into a heart shape one day, when a friend of mine posted a heart-shaped pizza picture on FB.

I don’t think it was because of the shape, but this was the most deliciously love-filled pizza I ever baked!


estrellas love pizza

Estrella’s Love Pizza

2,5 dkg yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
50 dkg flour
2 eggs + 1 egg
12 dkg margarine
1 dl lukewarm water
salt to taste

To the 1dl lukewarm water, add the yeast and three teaspoons of flour to make sourdough. Set aside to a warm spot (near the stove for example) covered with a cloth, and let it ferment for about 15 minutes.

Add the eggs, margarine, salt and sourdough to the remaining flour (and if required, another 1/2 dl lukewarm water). Knead the resulting dough, until it is smooth and stretchy. Work quickly so that the mixture doesn’t stick to your fingers – if it does get too sticky you can add a little flour to your hands. Then set aside and let it rise for 1 hour.

Dust the dough ball with flour, pat into a disk, then roll it out to even width, to form a circle. Place in a lightly greased, heart shaped tin and stretch with your fingers some more to reach all the sides of the tin.

Add your chosen toppings.

Prepare the remaining egg like you would for an omelet. Pour it on top of your pizza before baking.

— Here, I used homemade tomato sauce and red peppers paste, chopped mushrooms, corn, ham and roasted peppers (we roast them and freeze for winter months), and cheese sprinkled on top. I also like adding different fresh vegetables when they’re in season. —

Bake in preheated oven on medium heat (around 180C) for about half an hour. Check the dough with a  skewer to make sure it’s done before removing from the oven.

Bon love-filled appétit! ;)

2013, February 14

Speaking of Love…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Because it is February 14th today, and because I don’t believe any type of love is meant to be celebrated on only one certain date, come read my short essay about writers’ loves – writing, and taking one whole day to indulge in only that.

It is up over on Friday Flash Dot Org, under “This precious thing…” title. Come read it and let me know what you think!

2013, February 12

Dear Tuesday, 12.February.2013

Thank you, dear friends, for the love you showed in my comment section yesterday. You’ve made me teary several times. And my day went infinitely better after releasing those weighing thoughts into the ether. You are all so wonderful, I wish I could give you a great big hug in real life! *hugs you tight, virtually*

So, for today…


Dear Tuesday,

Replaced my to-do list for today, with this. All on a post-it note and in my weekly planner now. I have a feeling I’ll move note around from week to week.


2013, February 11

Later never comes.

Following is what happens when I let my heart speak its mind for twenty uninterrupted minutes. Excuse me for being a downer today. I’ll be okay. But I made sure to hide the bummer thoughts behind a “more” link.

However, want to tell me something fun? Please?

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2013, February 8

Love Letter Request for February, 2013

During my days off from work, last week, I scripted my love letters on brand new handmade cards. Below is the team’s own wording about this month’s Requests. So how about it? Dive right in, write a few love letters yourself! <3

Sealed with Love — February 1 – 14

578740-01-main-900x695 This Valentine’s Day, roses are red, violets are blue and these strangers are waiting for a letter from you. Join More Love Letters as we partner up with the United States Postal Service from February 1st-14th to deliver two weeks packed with love letters- for you, for others and for a world that needs your hand-written declarations of love.

Join Us this Valentine’s Season:

Write Love Letters

The love letter requests for February are officially here! Can your little pen even handle the excitement? Click to read the requests and mail off your love letters by February 14!


Attend Our Sealed With Love Social Party

Join us on Twitter and Facebook Tuesday, February 12 from 8-10pm EST for an evening full of marathon letter writing, giveaways and social sweetness only a tribe of love letter writers could stir up.


Get Our Stamp of Approval

Mail your letters in style with the U.S. Postal Service’s new limited-edition Sealed with Love stamp here.  We’re hopelessly devoted to this love letter-inspired stamp and we’ll be using it throughout this program and in the months ahead.


Host a Love Letter Writing Party

Who needs a romantic dinner for two when you could host a love letter writing party with all your friends? We’ll supply the party packet, the letter requests and more for your party – you supply the love.



Stay showered with love + letters using #sealedwithlove on all your social streams. We’ll be scripting right beside ya.

~The More Love Letters Team

2013, February 5

Crossing things off from my Bucket List

With the launch of Dana Sitar’s new book, “A Writer’s Bucket List”, I kept thinking of my own bucket list. Dana’s book is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer. Instead of another how-to on any kind of writing, this book is a “Why not?” for the writer’s life. The list is a combination of the unique steps that have formed her career and bolstered her creativity, and the things she hasn’t yet had a chance to try. The book offers some conventional and some unconventional steps on the path through a writer’s life, why they matter, and advice for getting started.

How appropriate that Dana is hosting a blog hop launch party which encourages people to talk about what is on their bucket lists. Allow me to share some of mine:

One of the things I want to cross off my Bucket List in 2013, is writing more essays and travel articles.

At the moment, because of my hectic work schedule there isn’t too much time to actually sit down and write. Without having at least ten other things to think about and even more to attend to. Which makes me feel drained. So I have been putting it off, for far more than I would’ve liked. For the same reason, I haven’t written any travel articles since last October.

I’d like for that to change. Because honestly, I noticed that I’m a nervous wreck when I don’t write something, at least a few sentences every day. Let alone when I have to go without writing for several days at a time. I find myself shuffling from place to place, being generally impossible to deal with and feeling discombobulated.

Right now, things have cooled off a bit and I have more time to get accustomed to my work schedule and see about where I can insert time to write. As a first step, in January, I took part in the Mindful Writing Challenge. It was such a wonderful experience and a great way to keep to observing one thing and then writing about it every single day. So from now on as well, I’m planning to carve out a little bit of time each day to write, even if it’ll only end up as a blog post. It’ll get me into the habit again, cool my temper, make me feel happy again and that’s a great start.

After this, comes the sticking-to-it part ;) Because… yes, I want to be a full-time writer “when I grow up”!


Your turn. Tell me, what will you cross off your Bucket List in 2013?


Make sure you click on the image to the right and drop by these other lovely blogs to read how everyone else deals with this question :)

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