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2013, February 5

Crossing things off from my Bucket List

With the launch of Dana Sitar’s new book, “A Writer’s Bucket List”, I kept thinking of my own bucket list. Dana’s book is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer. Instead of another how-to on any kind of writing, this book is a “Why not?” for the writer’s life. The list is a combination of the unique steps that have formed her career and bolstered her creativity, and the things she hasn’t yet had a chance to try. The book offers some conventional and some unconventional steps on the path through a writer’s life, why they matter, and advice for getting started.

How appropriate that Dana is hosting a blog hop launch party which encourages people to talk about what is on their bucket lists. Allow me to share some of mine:

One of the things I want to cross off my Bucket List in 2013, is writing more essays and travel articles.

At the moment, because of my hectic work schedule there isn’t too much time to actually sit down and write. Without having at least ten other things to think about and even more to attend to. Which makes me feel drained. So I have been putting it off, for far more than I would’ve liked. For the same reason, I haven’t written any travel articles since last October.

I’d like for that to change. Because honestly, I noticed that I’m a nervous wreck when I don’t write something, at least a few sentences every day. Let alone when I have to go without writing for several days at a time. I find myself shuffling from place to place, being generally impossible to deal with and feeling discombobulated.

Right now, things have cooled off a bit and I have more time to get accustomed to my work schedule and see about where I can insert time to write. As a first step, in January, I took part in the Mindful Writing Challenge. It was such a wonderful experience and a great way to keep to observing one thing and then writing about it every single day. So from now on as well, I’m planning to carve out a little bit of time each day to write, even if it’ll only end up as a blog post. It’ll get me into the habit again, cool my temper, make me feel happy again and that’s a great start.

After this, comes the sticking-to-it part ;) Because… yes, I want to be a full-time writer “when I grow up”!


Your turn. Tell me, what will you cross off your Bucket List in 2013?


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