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2013, March 25

Recipe of the Month: Summer Salad with Creamy Mayo Dressing

I LOVE salads! In any amount. I can not get enough of them over spring/summer when all the fresh ingredients are available to me from the farmer’s market.

So in anticipation of a new spring rolling in with its first fresh vegetables, I’m sharing a salad and dressing recipe. This is our go-to dressing, the Chef’s and mine.

I deliberately left out measurements this time. But only because it all depends on each of our individual taste and family demands ;)

page summer salad and dressing

Summer Salad with Creamy Dressing

Salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, radish, capers, chicken strips.

Dressing: homemade mayonnaise of one egg yolk, sour cream, salt, white pepper, grated Parmesan cheese.

Chop all the vegetables, add to salad bowl.

Cook the chicken in a little olive oil, after cutting it up in strips.

Add it to the salad.

Mix together the ingredients of the salad dressing, by adding them all depending on your own taste.

Pour on salad when serving.

Bon appétit! ;)

2013, March 20

Dear Self, follow your own yellow brick road

A couple of weeks ago, after reading the March Love Letter Requests over and over, I felt at a loss for words. I couldn’t figure out what to write to each person. I nearly gave up on writing anything at all. So I sat down to watch an episode of “Pretty Little Liars.”

About halfway through, I paused it, grabbed a pen and started scribbling. I wrote a letter to the person I could identify with, to Connie. What I wrote will, I hope benefit her, as much as it helped me while I was writing out my thoughts.

I could as well have addressed it to myself. So in a way, I’ve done it, my own personal thought from February was accomplished. I’ve written myself, too, a love letter.


Letter transcript:

“Dear Self,

I know how acutely the sadness of life can be felt. I’ve felt it. I feel it myself. It has the ability to numb one’s mind, to keep one from moving along. It makes one cry themselves to sleep.

But we have to get out from there. Walk out and follow our own yellow brick road leading us to where we should be: in the present. I think that is where Dorothy was heading. From a place of sadness, through the world of her perceptions, imagination and dreams. Into the present.

Where wonderful things can happen if we allow them to unfold. We have to wake up to being right where we are supposed to be.

There truly is no place like home; the home that leaving worries of the past and future provides!


2013, March 18

Wish I could say that IRL

The worst thing about looking for a job is the interview. So, here is my retort to the corporate world.

And by all means, don’t forget to NOT take it seriously ;)


‘Sup! My name is Estrella Azul and I am applying for this entry level position.
I know I would be a great fit for this position because I haven’t worked in like four years, so I kinda wanna maybe have an income for food and stuff, but I guess I could switch it up and do the same things I do at home, here at the office. There’s an internet connection and as long as I have Facebook and Twitter, I’m good. Better be a corner office though! 
I am a terrific worker but if I had one weakness, it would be procrastinating. I can leave things on a to-do list for ages and probably even more if given the chance. Hope you’re not too fond of deadlines… And I am easily distracted. Not lately however, as I am really focused on getting a job. Oh, hey, have you ever noticed how weird being a writer sounds? Yeah, I mean not weird weird, but like people don’t get it and are always hitting you up for “You should write about this”. *laughing* 
I would consider myself a successful person because I am still alive. I mean what greater accomplishment it there? Am I right? 
In 5 years time, I see myself working at your company. I’m enjoying it because it has health benefits, I can bring my kids in when the sitter cancels and no one minds them running around because even though they say they hate them, everybody secretly loves kids and having gum stuck in their hair!
Well anyway, I think I got off track for a little there. I’ll just get out of your hair and come in first thing Monday morning for work. Although Wednesday would work better for me as I have this thing with my boyfriend on Monday and I might need a day to rest after it. But I’ll be here first thing on Wednesday.
One last thing you should probably know is that I tend to sleep in, so I might not get here until say 12pm, but I totally appreciate this opportunity!

2013, March 13

Have you named your curtains?

We had some fabrics on sale at the shop in February. Since our curtains at home were old, I quickly took measures, summed things up, cut the fabrics, sent them off to our shop’s sewing station and paid for them in advance – before anyone in management figured out I’d added my 25% off to the newly discounted prices.

No one noticed. *relieved sigh* So now we have new curtains at home. They’re pretty (though I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise.) The ones in the kitchen are Sophie, in my mother’s room, ElGreco and in my room, Hillary. These are the fabrics’ names, but I see them fitting. Have you named your curtains?

page new curtains

Interesting how a seemingly small thing like changing curtains can revive entire rooms.

Next month, if finances permit, drapes! ;)

2013, March 11

One piece of technology I could live without

I’m not quite sure how I came to think about all of this really, but the thought just popped into my head the other day.

If there was ONE piece of technology I absolutely had to give up, and could live without, it’d be a phone.
While I do not debate its usefulness, and while I do know that the invention of it was the culmination of the work done by several individuals who might be turning in their graves right now as I type this — phone conversations just don’t do it for me.
I don’t like not seeing the person I’m talking to. I don’t like talking to my mother 20 times a day. I don’t like hearing the Chef’s voice with all the background noise that is more often than not way too loud. I don’t like walking on the street and having to turn the volume up so I can understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying.
And I don’t like listening to people’s conversations on buses; especially when two individuals are sitting next to one another shouting in their phones and only increasing the decibel levels cause they’re disturbing each others conversations.

So there you have it. I could easily live without my phone.

My little Samsung Galaxy Mini is safe from my giving up on it, but only because it’s smart enough to connect to Wi-Fi to allow me surfing the net, it sometimes takes okay enough pictures, and because it doubles as a very expensive watch and alarm clock. :)


Now tell me, in this day and age of all kinds of gadgets: what is one piece of technology You could live without?

2013, March 9

Love Letter Request for March, 2013

I have Monday and Tuesday off from work. So I couldn’t have asked for better timing; will be scripting my love letters for this month’s requests. How about you? 578740-01-main-900x695


We’ve been some kind of anxious to get these requests into your hands. We know you’ve got tons + tons of love and encouragement that you will be absolutely pouring into these letters. So have at them!

This month we are focusing in on our theme of “P.S. Stand a Little Taller.” We’ve chosen recipients of love letter bundles who could use a boost, a smile, and just some general love to push them upward and help them to keep fighting onward.

The following letter requests were requested by close friends + family of the recipients:


“Connie is a really lovely person who tends to feel the sadnesses of life in an acute way. She is a junior in college and struggling to find her place in the world and to find a way to lead a happy life. Her father died unexpectedly a few years ago and she has handled this loss with grace and determination. This semester most of her close friends are studying abroad, leaving her all alone on campus. She has a great appreciation and fondness for songs and poetry and I think a love letter telling her that she’s heading in the right direction and will find the fulfillment she seeks would really make her day.”


“My dear friend, Rachel, unexpectedly lost her husband last year.   They had only been married 11 months. Life has obviously been hard for her since his passing, and she had an enormous outpouring of love after he died, but the letters start to trickle off after the first month or two.  I know that she would love to get some love and encouragement in the mail.  We are both finishing our 4th year of medical school and we try to write each other letters as often as possible because we love some good ol’ fashioned snail mail!”


“My mom is going through a really rought time right now. She has been battling serious depression for my whole life. She is a teacher, and her students just love her and she puts everything she has to being a teacher. But she is constantly being undervalued and underappreciated. She wants to change her job and start a doggie day care and bake organic pet treats. But she lacks the support and courage to make such a huge step and I can only help her so much and she is the most amazing mom and all I want is for her to be happy again.”


March’s Bundles
PO Box 2061
North Haven, CT 06473

Letters can sent all in one envelope or individually, whichever you prefer. We’ve got little elves to sort them all out.  Write for one, two or all three! Please postmark all love letters by MARCH 25, 2013. Please & Thanks.

New to letter writing? Get started here! Or want some tips + tricks from our team writers? We got em’ right here.

2013, March 8

More subtle signs

I’ve talked about them before. And they’re at it again. This time around however, I can’t just pack up and visit Paris. It’s off the destinations list. But, it was nice to entertain the thought.

2013-03-10 10.30.39

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