Curious Lists, a creative journal for list-lovers

As you might have noticed already, I’m a list lover. Not the To-Do List lover, which tends to grow rapidly and even without my approval. But a list lover nonetheless.

Ever since my friend, j, mentioned being gifted with the “Curious Lists – A Creative Journal for List Lovers”, I’ve had it on my wish list. That was back in 2009.

This V-Day, the Chef and I agreed to exchange presents in the form of books. And since his cost more than my choice, I got to choose another something from my wish list – and went with the Curious Lists journal.

It is one amazing gift!

The book is small, will easily fit into my purse. It is divided into 26 chapters, like “Lists for Early Mornings”, “Lists for Rainy Days”, “Lists for When You’re on the Bus” (with my commute, that tends to be a lot of the time) and my favorite “Lists for No Particular Reason”. In each chapter list titles are given and the contents are to be written by me. As of first opening it, I am enchanted, captivated, and simply in love with this book!

Here are all of j’s lists thus far from the book. I plan to blog about some when I need a creativity boost.

Curious ListsSo let’s have some fun. I’ll share one of my list titles and the content I come up with, in blog posts. Then, you let me know in the comment section what your lists would look like. Deal? Let’s start today with the following.

I opened the book at random, to page 66 and the chose the top list title, from the chapter “Lists for When You’re at Home, Sick”. I am not at home, sick. Unless you count suffering-when-not-writing a kind of sick. Anyway, this seemed appropriate for a first list, given that I’m a writer.


Letters of the alphabet that look good written on their own:

  • W
  • M
  • B
  • E

The way I handwrite them, at least. I am secretly in love with calligraphy. So I especially see these letters looking good written on their own. They could very well be putting their little innate palms up in a “Talk to the hand” gesture to all the other letters of the alphabet ;)

So, what do You think? Which letters of the alphabet look good written on their own?

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  1. I agree with yours except the E!

  2. My writing isn’t usually neat enough for any letters to look exceptional. One odd point – when I was a teenager I found an ad in the back of a magazine. I sent in some small amount of money and got back several samples of different ways to write my name. Not kidding. :) Being a teen, I decided to actually change my signature. To this day, I write the J in my first name the same way as that sample, but I never write it the same way when I write a J any other time.

    • How interesting, and hmm… what people can make money off of. Being a kid that must have been so cool though! :)
      That is funny, my signature is really similar from one signed paper to the other, but I never sign it/start it the same way… That might be a problem, but I simply can not do it.

  3. I agree with your letters, but I think that all letters can look beautiful by themselves – it all depends on the style of calligraphy being used! I’m learning how to write in Thuluth at the moment and it’s all pretty cool – except that it is very exacting (i.e. the length of this line is this many dots; the gap must be that many dots; etc.).

    • Yes, it all depends on the calligraphy used, they can all look beautiful by themselves, I’m just partial to my own letters when in handwritten form ;)
      That is so interesting, I like reading about other languages, thanks for including the link! Looking forward to when you can write in Thuluth! You will write my name for me, right?

  4. With my penmanship, none. But l did actually dabble in calligraphy in my youth. I’ve always had a flare for C, y, J and S. I will insist that is mere coincidence that my wife’s name is Cyndi, and J & S happen to be my initials. ;) I also like the letter B, particularly when adorn with some foliage.

    • How fun, and I’m sure these don’t have anything to do with your wife’s name and your initials ;) This is shaping up to a really nice conversation here, tank you for playing!

  5. Estrella, you’re so talented in so many ways! I’ve never thought of letters as looking good or pretty, but you can make them that way for me! Have a great week!

    • Thanks, Becky, that’s so sweet of you. I haven’t thought of letters this way before per se, just liked them in calligraphy of certain books I’ve read. But it was so much fun thinking about!

  6. Oh, I love your W most. And not only because it’s my initial haha!

    • Thank you! That’s funny :)
      My favorite boy band is Westlife and I saw a “W” like this on a poster of theirs once, I was around 11 I think. I started practicing it and now use it when I’m not in a hurry to scribble stuff down.

  7. Your handwriting is beautiful. S and W usually look very pretty. I love lists. I’m stealing some of these ideas for posts on Thursdays.

    • Thanks, although you wouldn’t want to see my handwriting at work. I’m surprised people don’t call me every five minutes to ask for “translations” of my contracts ;)
      Steal away, these will be a fun series for me as well!

  8. Took a while to get here, but here I am!

    I love all your letters in YOUR writing. Wow! If I could write like you, I’d create a font of my handwriting and everyone would be dazzled by everything I write.

    I like j. Of course! And c and w (which is all very convenient). I like s, too. Because I’m an equal opportunity letter lover.

    Glad you got the book, Estrella. I haven’t cracked mine in way too long.

    • Yay, j, is joining the curious list party! We should swap curious list blog posts sometime :)

      Aww, you love my writing when it’s neat, but believe me, when I’m in a hurry there’s nothing pretty about it :P
      I’m sure it’s only a coincidence you like “j, c,” and “w” most – I’m all for equal opportunity there.
      I do love the book, marked it as currently reading on Goodreads so I’ll have a reference as to when I started and when I’ll finish all the lists in there. Might be a while, though.
      Thanks for playing with me! <3

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