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2013, March 13

Have you named your curtains?

We had some fabrics on sale at the shop in February. Since our curtains at home were old, I quickly took measures, summed things up, cut the fabrics, sent them off to our shop’s sewing station and paid for them in advance – before anyone in management figured out I’d added my 25% off to the newly discounted prices.

No one noticed. *relieved sigh* So now we have new curtains at home. They’re pretty (though I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise.) The ones in the kitchen are Sophie, in my mother’s room, ElGreco and in my room, Hillary. These are the fabrics’ names, but I see them fitting. Have you named your curtains?

page new curtains

Interesting how a seemingly small thing like changing curtains can revive entire rooms.

Next month, if finances permit, drapes! ;)

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