Have you named your curtains?

We had some fabrics on sale at the shop in February. Since our curtains at home were old, I quickly took measures, summed things up, cut the fabrics, sent them off to our shop’s sewing station and paid for them in advance – before anyone in management figured out I’d added my 25% off to the newly discounted prices.

No one noticed. *relieved sigh* So now we have new curtains at home. They’re pretty (though I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise.) The ones in the kitchen are Sophie, in my mother’s room, ElGreco and in my room, Hillary. These are the fabrics’ names, but I see them fitting. Have you named your curtains?

page new curtains

Interesting how a seemingly small thing like changing curtains can revive entire rooms.

Next month, if finances permit, drapes! ;)


14 Comments to “Have you named your curtains?”

  1. They’re so pretty! Even if they wouldn’t be your first choice, they are lovely! Curtains can change a room completely and are a quick way to change a room’s feel~ Lovely~~ :D

    • Thanks! They do changed the feel of the rooms, for a long time I’ve wanted to change the old ones, but never got around to it somehow. Glad you liked the new ones!

  2. Curtains/drapes do add something to a room. Sometime back, I had noticed that we didn’t have one curtain or drape in our home. We live in secluded area where it’s not needed, although we do have shades and mini-blinds. But I got to noticing other people’s curtains/drapes and thought, hmmm, I think that’s what we need. And although we really didn’t “need” them, it does make the room much warmer and cozier or something. I just picked up some antique curtains that I’m going to find a place for in one of the bedrooms that have no curtains… and I never thought about naming them, but maybe I will with those! I call them Estrella!

    • They add something to the rooms, makes them more cozy, like you said. I like that you chose to buy some for your home. Will you show me some photos? Especially wondering about those antique curtains that now go by the name Estrella ;) That is so cute!

  3. That’s cute, Love :-). Personally, I haven’t named any of my objects. It’s already hard for me to part with things, but if I give it a name it will definitely be over ;-)

  4. Not my curtains, but my coffee maker’s name is Ali ;)

  5. What fun! I think you just inspired me to go look through my apartment for things to christen :P

  6. Never thought to blog about it, but my car radio is Mr. Sassy. Changes stations when no one’s expecting it ;)

  7. Such clever work and idea to blog about ;)

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