Dear Self, follow your own yellow brick road

A couple of weeks ago, after reading the March Love Letter Requests over and over, I felt at a loss for words. I couldn’t figure out what to write to each person. I nearly gave up on writing anything at all. So I sat down to watch an episode of “Pretty Little Liars.”

About halfway through, I paused it, grabbed a pen and started scribbling. I wrote a letter to the person I could identify with, to Connie. What I wrote will, I hope benefit her, as much as it helped me while I was writing out my thoughts.

I could as well have addressed it to myself. So in a way, I’ve done it, my own personal thought from February was accomplished. I’ve written myself, too, a love letter.


Letter transcript:

“Dear Self,

I know how acutely the sadness of life can be felt. I’ve felt it. I feel it myself. It has the ability to numb one’s mind, to keep one from moving along. It makes one cry themselves to sleep.

But we have to get out from there. Walk out and follow our own yellow brick road leading us to where we should be: in the present. I think that is where Dorothy was heading. From a place of sadness, through the world of her perceptions, imagination and dreams. Into the present.

Where wonderful things can happen if we allow them to unfold. We have to wake up to being right where we are supposed to be.

There truly is no place like home; the home that leaving worries of the past and future provides!


14 Responses to “Dear Self, follow your own yellow brick road”

  1. Beautiful letter to self! xxo

  2. A beautiful letter, and great advice!

  3. What a lovely love letter Estrella! I, for one, needed to hear it, and I imagine many others do too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I love your letter!
    And look, I’ve just found a nice thing to do! What do you think?

    • Thanks, Franny!

      I think you should totally go for it, Franny! There’s too much going on at work right now for me to blog every single day for a month, but I’ll happily read your blog posts as often as possible :)

  5. Ahhh . . . The goodness of the yellow-bricker Estrella, that shining star brings me to my fave line of Glinda ( in the gorgeous glam of an aqua gown ), spoken well to Dorothy . . . and the knowledge garnered/gained from her quest:

    “You always had it in you.”

    Smiling your way, dear depth-of-feeling author’woman.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate


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