Book Spine Poetry

Last year before Valentine’s Day, Judy Clement Wall wrote her readers a poem. The little button at the end of her post would only let me “like” it, but the truth is: I love that poem so much. Why, most of all? Because it is arranged from book titles!

My shelves are filled up nicely enough by now, so to kick start this year’s National Poetry Month, I set out to try and form a book title poem myself.

8554394989_255e5665d0Messing up the beautifully organized shelves was worth it :) I’ve managed to form a few poems instead of just the one I set out for, so I’ll share more throughout April.

There are so many wonderful things out there for everyone’s liking this month. Serena’s National Poetry Month Blog Tour being hosted is just one one the gems! This is the calendar as it currently stands, have a nice time browsing.
I signed up, because I desperately need more play-time, for April 15 and 26 – so do drop by again!

Happy National Poetry Month everyone!



Anastasia’s Secret,
the Science of Kissing,
(is) truly, madly
deeply, desperately
absolutely, positively:
Hidden in Paris

30 Responses to “Book Spine Poetry”

  1. Love your book poem. What a cool idea!


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