The biggest barrier

As part of her DIY Writing Spring Blog Hop, Dana Sitar, author of “A Writer’s Bucket List”, asked:

What is the biggest barrier you face to following your writing dreams? and encouraged to write our answers in a blog post to celebrate the Kindle release of her book.

I sat down full of half-formed ideas, notions and convictions about what my barriers are when it comes to following my writing dreams.

  • One of them is, that living in Romania and writing in English, the possibilities aren’t as vast and varied as for a writer who is in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Freelance writing gigs don’t grow on trees… Not here, and not anywhere, really. I check out ads for freelance writing work filed under “anywhere”, but nothing stuck so far.
  • Work, and its new, highly-stressful environment, leaves me drained, uninspired and with next to no writing time.

All of the above are valid, I think.
And yet, the biggest barrier I face at the moment – is the lack of finances. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking to get rich. And I’m not lazy. But working so much just to stay poor doesn’t help.
Salaries aren’t much here. I am left with less than half of mine after bills and that doesn’t include groceries.

It would be the best if there was a possibility to take a few months, put life on hold and not have to worry about finances.
To not have to worry about commute, about needing a bus pass for all lines, yet still having to walk a good part of the way.
To not have to worry about disappointing people who just don’t get that I really need some time to write or I’ll explode. Or worse, implode.

And, unfortunately, so far I haven’t been able to set aside money to making any of this happen.

Opportunity doesn’t knock on my door on its own. Even while searching, I don’t know when a better one will come along. But I’ll probably jump at it in an instant when it does!


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  1. Hey Estrella….. it is funny that you have a post today in regards to writing and the barriers we may face. I am currently between contracts and while I am sure mine will be renewed I am looking elsewhere and writing gigs is something I’ve started looking into. Out of the few I’ve checked out so far a lot of them seem to be US based and are looking for US writers only…. how fair is that?? My biggest barrier is a combination of having enough energy to keep at it, and being aggressive or outgoing enough to stand up for myself.
    And like you, lack of money to do all these little extra things is tough. I unfortunately do not have a sugar mama (LOL!) to support me so I must continue to struggle and try and feel stuck. So I hear ya, in a big way!!

    • Hey Mark,
      yes, writing gigs, seem to be mostly for locals. But I’m not giving up just yet, and you shouldn’t either!
      I hear you on your barrier (mainly by knowing you from your blog/e-mail exchange). While my energy fluctuates, being aggressive and outgoing enough is something I also have issues with.
      Hope your contract gets renewed, or that you’ll soon find a writing gig that’s perfect for you :)

  2. It’s funny. I said I wish I didn’t have to go to work so I could write full time. I was recently laid off so I should have loads of time but what I’ve discovered, after sweeping out the bull, my greatest obstacle is that I am not firm enough with myself and others that I NEED TO WRITE first and foremost. It’s me. It’s not anyone or anything else.

    Flash 55 – Visual Vexations

    • That’s tough, but more easily overcome than my current issue. However, I hope you’ll be able to become firmer with yourself and others. Don’t let your inner critic, or procrastinating stop you. You’re a great writer!

  3. I hear (and see!) what you’re saying here and if I think about my own (very intermittent) writing, I wonder what stops me. I know I could do it full time if I wanted, but I think I’m more frightened of the uncertainty that it would bring. My job has always been like a security blanket for me and whenever I think about quitting, I get nervous and start to worry. I know I will be alright if I do quit, but it’s a scary thing to do…

    A quote for you today: If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs ~ Tony Gaskins

    • And I hear what you’re saying here. Uncertainty is not fun, to say the least. I don’t do well with uncertainty either. And right now, that is ALL there is at work, aside from the fact that after this merger of the two shops I no longer like it. The work schedule is changing every day it seems, and one can’t plan anything ahead without discussions. I’d actually like a job that would feel like a security blanket. And a writing gig might just be the answer.
      But you know what? I also think you will be alright if you quit. You’re an amazing person, and so good at what you do! You’d find something else; or not, if you decide to pursue writing. Although as we’ve talked these past few days, I think you’d be okay and able to do both if you could manage not working as much.

      That’s a good quote. I’ll have to keep it in mind!

  4. Money and time are always issues… sad, really.

  5. Having to work while having a completely different dream is tough. I know, doing it myself… Hang in there!

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