Tea Cup Tuesday

I’ve been reading my friend Becky’s blog for a long time now, and have always adored her tea cup collection. So today, inspired by Becky, I’m very pleased to join Terri of Artful Affirmations, and Martha of Martha’s Favorites for Tea Cup Tuesday!

page tea set

I received this tea set for my birthday yesterday, from my boyfriend. He really nailed it in regards of birthday presents – I’ve had my eye on similar tea sets, but have always talked myself out of buying one. Truth be told, I managed to, because the ones I’ve seen were smaller than this one and I love my tea way too much to drink only two sips of it.

The above set it the Katie Alice English Garden Tea For One. I love that it’s a great size, the teapot holding two servings of yumminess for the teacup under it. That equals to one good-sized cup of tea; plus, it keeps the tea hot for a long time!


Its teapot section is decorated in a pretty floral motif and other elements from the English garden, such as bees, birds and butterflies woven into this classical design. The cup and lid are simply adorned in delicate white spots on a pale blue background.

Happy tea partying ;)


21 Comments to “Tea Cup Tuesday”

  1. Oh, so pretty! It will be lovely to drink tea from there – a good tea set is a must! :D

    • Thanks, the Chef did really well in picking it out. He said the sales ladies were starting to wonder if he was secretly buying it for himself, he took so long to decide on just the right one. ;)
      And yes, a good tea set is a must! I’m so happy to have mine now.

  2. You are fortunate to have a beautiful teaset present from your boyfriend. The flowers on the teapot are lovely with the sweet cup. The blue background on the cup with the white polkadots are a great accent. Glad you had a wonderful birthday!


    • Thank you, Pam. I also like the design a lot, like you said, the lid and cup give a great accent to the garden motifs of the teapot. And thanks, I am lucky, I know.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love what your boyfriend gifted you. What a perfect tea for one. I feel like you do, the tea pot part needs to be big enough for a least one large cup of tea! loll! This one looks great!

    • Thank you, Terri!
      Yes, I also love the gift, it is perfect for one (me). And I can never get enough tea, so it makes me so, so happy this is just the right size! I was unsure if I should include it in the linky for Tea Cup Tuesday, but I had good things to say about it, so figured it will be fine. Glad you liked it!

  4. Oh that is one of the prettiest tea-for-one sets that I’ve ever seen. Just love the polka dots and the flowers.

  5. Hi Estrella, I’m so glad you’ve joined in because now I can get to know you. Your tea cup and pot are lovely nd I’m so glad you finally have a set of your own to sip your tea from. We all deserve to have a nice cup of tea, don’t we. And I completely agree about the BIG cup! So very, very necessary. :)

    • Thanks, Veronica, nice to see other people also like my new tea set. We do, we all deserve a nice *big* cup of tea. This post and the new tea set nudged me to go buy more tea. I now have six new flavours! ;)

  6. Your tea-for-one set is adorable and makes a perfect gift! Your boyfriend knows how to pick them. Happy Birthday! And thank you for coming to tea.


  7. So pretty, I like this kind of teasets.

  8. I love the notion of a teacup Tuesday! You new set is beautiful and I love a very large cup too. We have a meeting at my office each month called Tea with Tammy.

    • I do, too, love the notion of a tea cup Tuesday, and might join in again sometime. I bought more flavours of tea for myself, justifying it with “if I go out and have a cup of tea somewhere, it costs half a $ less than a whole box of tea in the store, which contains 20 tea bags.”
      You could share photos from your monthly Tea with Tammy meeting for a Tea Cup Tuesday – I’d love to be able to join you in real life though!

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