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2013, June 24

What men talk about when they think women can’t understand the language

When my friend Trisha visited me in back April, we had plans for traveling to Brasov. We had an amazing time, which I’ll tell you about in travel articles soon!

However, the trip also included an eight-hour long train ride, which was delayed as well for a good half an hour. It was okay, both of us can go for a long time without the need to fill the air with chitchat just for the sake of not shutting up. We’re into actual, meaningful conversations.

As we found out though, men can’t!

We were stuck in the same cubicle with five cricket players going for a game in Bucharest. And as fun as it was at the beginning of the trip listening in on their discussion while they had no idea we spoke the language… it was also the longest train ride of my life!

Since it was fun for a while, I pretended to text and took notes into a memo on my phone. Here’s what these five guys talked about, from start to end, during the ride:

  1. Girls
  2. Licking… – (yeah, I’m not finishing that thought)
  3. Phones
  4. Sports
  5. Girls
  6. Sex and love have nothing to do with each other
  7. Religion
  8. Marriage – they’d rather not, although two of them were married
  9. Citizenship and EU
  10. Girls
  11. Australian football – Trisha was more interested in this particular topic than I was ;) The guys were misinformed regarding the game, by the way.
  12. British trains vs.. Romanian ones
  13. Medical insurance
  14. Dating four girls at once
  15. Cheating on wives – As okay as they made the issue sound, somehow I don’t think they’d be happy to be in a reversed situation where their wives cheated on them.
  16. Wedding rings being taken off – one of the guys, who sat beside me, had his wedding band on, then had taken it off in less than half an hour into the journey.
  17. Romania is beautiful
  18. Girls
  19. Sex
  20. Food
  21. Eating monkeys – they said it smells like beef tastes like chicken
  22. Sports. Exercise. Gym. Etc.
  23. Playing practices in football
  24. Sports
  25. Beer
  26. Sex
  27. Women and men – nationalities, as in, stereotypes
  28. Drinking and being drunk
  29. Wives
  30. Speaking Romanian – one of them was from Africa, but also lived in Britain for a long time before marrying a Hungarian woman here in Cluj-Napoca.
  31. Jail
  32. Police
  33. Cost of living
  34. Girls
  35. Sex
  36. Politics
  37. Money
  38. Visas and Women – they discussed which country has an industry of women who marry rich foreign people for visas
  39. Sex
  40. Nuclear bombs
  41. Romanians are cowards – thoroughly explained by one of the Romanian guys, who said Hungarian ruled best in Transylvania. Romania never won any real battles. History is being written in the present.
  42. Communism
  43. What one does for a living in Romania, and being content with what the government offers
  44. Vitamins
  45. Pay for everything get nothing back
  46. Girls
  47. Sex
  48. Where water is good or treated
  49. Sports, fair play, fixed games, cricket.
  50. Silly bets
  51. Music
  52. Pirates
  53. Hair care
  54. How many wives one can have – Islam …

And at this point we were well into hour six of the train ride and I simply stopped caring. The rest was mostly girls, sex and sports anyway.

Girls and sex was a running theme regardless of whatever else they were talking about.
So I’m now asking all men reading this blog post: what is your take on these topics, as in is it normal guy talk when guys talk? Or is it just this subset of the male species (i.e. sportsmen) that seem to focus so much on girls, sex, sports?
And a question to my lady audience: have you overheard similar conversations? Hubbies, boyfriend, guy friends? Details please, I’m wondering just how alike men all over the globe are?

2013, June 17

Being frugal and repurposing: “Teacupped” Plants

With the merger of the two shops came a lot of small, heavy-when-in-one-huge-box-one-has-to-carry-around-from-one-end-of-the-store-to-the-other, stuff. I don’t care for a lot of it, they’re not my style, but there are occasional cute items in the mix.

Like this little set of two coffee cup with saucers. They cost around $14, which, for only two cups is pricey for my pocket. So I let them be, and dust them off every time I have the morning shift.

coffee cup and saucer set

Then, sale season kicked in.

We received the same type of set, now 70% off, because one of the cups was chipped. I quickly bought two sets, because for around $8 they were worth making one set out of the two. Plus, I had a small project in mind.

A few days later, another set arrived, with both cups chipped and one of the saucers as well. Our new store manager priced it at 100% off, and I got to bring it home. (Note: don’t mistake her gesture for something nice. She has me working only afternoon shifts this month.)

page teacupped cactuses

So, for inventory purposes, I now have: two perfect coffee cups, five perfect saucers, and four chipped cups with one chipped saucer.

I’m happily using the set and separately the saucers, while in the chipped cups I’ve “teacupped” cactuses and placed bamboo.

They look so cute on my window sill, and with them facing the room, no can even spot they’re chipped!

And as a bonus, the boxes they came in are adorable. I’m using them for storing letters.

letter storage boxes 

Have You repurposed cups and saucers, or other household stuff similarly?


PS: don’t ask, but as another example, I currently have Basil growing in an old sink in our yard ;)

2013, June 10

Recipe of the Month: Mumbai Spice for yummy Green Salads

I’ve been eating a LOT of salads lately. The ones we can make during winter just aren’t the same, so I’m filling up on fresh yumminess as much as possible in between April-October.

Rukmini mentioned on her blog a spice recipe I’ve been wanting to try. It took me a while to figure out where I could find a few of the necessary ingredients since I don’t live in India, but a few weeks ago I could finally mix all spices together in a cute little jar and give it a go. Now, I didn’t follow the recipe to a T, because I simply didn’t have enough time, nor the ingredients as seeds. But…

The end result is a really nice bled, I’m loving it on my salads!

page mumbai spice

page mumbai spice salad

Green Salad with Mumbai Spice

Vegetables of your choice for green salad

I used: tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, scallions, bell pepper; and another time also added some stir-fried chicken strips.

For Mumbai Spice, mix together:

3 tbsp of Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Chili powder, Rock Salt
and 2 tbsp of Ground Mango Powder, Plain Salt.

Chop vegetables into a salad bowl, toss with some EVOO and season with Mumbai Spice.

*Recipe slightly adapted from Trumatter 

Bon appétit! ;)

2013, June 7

What Love Does – by Estrella Azul

Love does not last X number of years.
Love only now begins,
for another X earthly years
and an infinity of years afterwards.
Love grows by the day,
as a leavened bread
placed near a warm oven.
Love grows in the sun.
It grows in the grass,
among flowers, in shades of trees
and layers of basil.
Love caresses my dusty cheeks,
warms my icy hands,
carries away worries like the wind,
and kisses me goodnight.
Love does not necessarily make me better,
more cheerful or happier.
But it makes me be myself,
and it makes you be yourself,
and it turns you and I, into Us.

page two hearts

2013, June 3

This introvert’s survival guide to a wedding

 hollywood wedding cake

Why the title? Because we had to attend a (granted, super cool Hollywood-themed) wedding over the weekend. I was still drained by the time it was over, but at least I didn’t implode, nor had to leave the party early. And it gave me material for this blog post.

Here are a few things that helped me through it, and which might help out other introverts:

  • Volunteer to help with decorating the events hall – it gets you out of the bachelorette party (and maybe even the church reception), while also giving the excuse for that awkward time when guest half left, as you can start picking everything apart, gathering said decorations and actually help out unlike family who just stand idlly around.
  • Volunteer to greet guests at the door – it saves you from meaningless chitchat at a table full of people one doesn’t know while waiting for everyone else, and the bride and groom to arrive. It also gives you enough time to warm up to the idea of one hundred people in the same room as you, instead of that shock you’d get walking into the events hall on your own.
  • If you know the people with babies there, take one into your arms – you’ll have fun with the kid while using them as a shield. No one will care about you anymore.
  • Agree with your significant other when and/or what type of music you will or will not dance to – this way, you’ll both have fun and won’t have any high expectations of each other.
  • Dance when the cameras are focused on the dance floor – you’ll end up in the wedding DVD for sure, so people you know won’t say “I didn’t see you at the wedding” years after the fact.
  • Drink enough water or soda – aside from giving you the excuse to duck out of the noise every once in a while, it helps prevent headaches.
  • Go to the restroom, for a quick walk around the block, or in silly weather like the one we had this weekend, check on the weather – it gives you a little break when in need of a few minutes to recharge. In case you live close by, you could even go home for half an hour and no one would miss you (Boy, I would’ve been so much happier if I still lived down the street from the events hall we were at!)
  • Spend a long time thinking what to write in the guest book – when plopped on the chair thinking, people won’t bother you, and you’ll end up with a beautiful, well thought out wish for the happy couple.
  • If you have a blog, take notes for fellow introverts to  benefit from and which you can use as material for a blog post.


How about you, my introverted friends? Any other tips you can share?

PS: I might have another wedding I need to attend in August… :)

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