This introvert’s survival guide to a wedding

 hollywood wedding cake

Why the title? Because we had to attend a (granted, super cool Hollywood-themed) wedding over the weekend. I was still drained by the time it was over, but at least I didn’t implode, nor had to leave the party early. And it gave me material for this blog post.

Here are a few things that helped me through it, and which might help out other introverts:

  • Volunteer to help with decorating the events hall – it gets you out of the bachelorette party (and maybe even the church reception), while also giving the excuse for that awkward time when guest half left, as you can start picking everything apart, gathering said decorations and actually help out unlike family who just stand idlly around.
  • Volunteer to greet guests at the door – it saves you from meaningless chitchat at a table full of people one doesn’t know while waiting for everyone else, and the bride and groom to arrive. It also gives you enough time to warm up to the idea of one hundred people in the same room as you, instead of that shock you’d get walking into the events hall on your own.
  • If you know the people with babies there, take one into your arms – you’ll have fun with the kid while using them as a shield. No one will care about you anymore.
  • Agree with your significant other when and/or what type of music you will or will not dance to – this way, you’ll both have fun and won’t have any high expectations of each other.
  • Dance when the cameras are focused on the dance floor – you’ll end up in the wedding DVD for sure, so people you know won’t say “I didn’t see you at the wedding” years after the fact.
  • Drink enough water or soda – aside from giving you the excuse to duck out of the noise every once in a while, it helps prevent headaches.
  • Go to the restroom, for a quick walk around the block, or in silly weather like the one we had this weekend, check on the weather – it gives you a little break when in need of a few minutes to recharge. In case you live close by, you could even go home for half an hour and no one would miss you (Boy, I would’ve been so much happier if I still lived down the street from the events hall we were at!)
  • Spend a long time thinking what to write in the guest book – when plopped on the chair thinking, people won’t bother you, and you’ll end up with a beautiful, well thought out wish for the happy couple.
  • If you have a blog, take notes for fellow introverts to  benefit from and which you can use as material for a blog post.


How about you, my introverted friends? Any other tips you can share?

PS: I might have another wedding I need to attend in August… :)

16 Responses to “This introvert’s survival guide to a wedding”

  1. I’m glad you figured out how to make a wedding work for you!

  2. I might take notes for my partner, he hates long weddings!!!! Now I know how to make the time pass faster for him! Thanks!

  3. Go out for a good 2 hours and come back and tell when asked, ‘hey i was helping the flower girls’ I did that on my own wedding! Can you beat that. And also drank a lot of soda and vodka (so this is a verified fact that you’ve stated) :D
    Great post. Lurved.

    • Now that’s a good one – and proved that I could get away with it at my own wedding! Can’t beat that. Nice :)
      Thank you!

      And yes, beverages are good for being able to excuse yourself often enough. Glad you liked this post :)

  4. Brilliant. I’d add “arrange whom to hang out with beforehand” — the illusion of mingling, but still in the comfort zone.

    • That is so good, and even better if you end up at the same table as someone you know. Even if from way back when or something, it’s still a starting point and having things in common is easier to carry a conversation than just meaningless chitchat.

  5. Every time the bride or groom appears yell, “I object!” You will soon be invited to leave and you can go back home where you are safe and comfortable.

    I confess that I have not tested this theory and the next wedding I am due to attend is for one of my nephews. I’m afraid my family will just leave me bound and gagged in a corner instead of letting me go home. Still, if anyone else wants to give this a try and report back….

    • Ha! That’d be interesting.
      And I suggest you don’t give this a try at your nephew’s wedding… family can be cruel like that and make you stay through the whole thing anyway :)

  6. buy yourself a GIANT cake costume. that way you can sit in the corner and be admired, but don’t have to talk to anyone.
    [might make dancing tricky though]

    but on second thought — I met one of my best friends at a halloween party and he was dressed as a beer keg — with a tap for a hat — and he had no trouble shaking a tail feather….

    glad you made it through sweetie!!

    • I’d like a cake costume, actually ;) Not sure how fine I’d be with being in the center of attention and being admired though…
      – then again, that sounds like a great costume your best friend had on! Maybe I’d get asked to leave if I went in looking like a beer keg!

      Thanks for the idea, I’ll see what I can do in August with it.

  7. Great suggestions…. I can’t think of anything :(


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