What Love Does – by Estrella Azul

Love does not last X number of years.
Love only now begins,
for another X earthly years
and an infinity of years afterwards.
Love grows by the day,
as a leavened bread
placed near a warm oven.
Love grows in the sun.
It grows in the grass,
among flowers, in shades of trees
and layers of basil.
Love caresses my dusty cheeks,
warms my icy hands,
carries away worries like the wind,
and kisses me goodnight.
Love does not necessarily make me better,
more cheerful or happier.
But it makes me be myself,
and it makes you be yourself,
and it turns you and I, into Us.

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12 Comments to “What Love Does – by Estrella Azul”

  1. This is beautifully written. I like that while it concludes with making two people an “us” it does not refer necessarily to romantic love, but love in general. Love is shared through romantic partners, yes, but it can also be shared to through family, friends both near and far, and to some degree, even strangers.

    • I love it so much when readers “get” my poems and fiction, the underlying messages and nuances! Love is much more than just two people being a couple. Thank you for noticing that *hugs*

  2. Estrella, what a beautiful poem! I keep forgetting to tell you that I watched a travel program on TV the other night, and the guide was visiting Romania….how beautiful your country is! (Which I already knew because of the photos you’ve shared!) One of my biggest desires is to travel all over Europe….someday….before I become “old!” LOL

    • Thank you, Becky!
      You should definitely visit Romania, it is a beautiful country. I already had one sweet online friend visit because of my travel articles, and I’d love to have another one do the same. Wish it will work out for you to be able to drop by!

  3. You couldn’t have found a more beautiful photo to go with your poem. Great job on both.

  4. You made me want to cry. And to encourage you to submit this for publication in Danielle! Love it!!! <3

  5. Beautiful Estrella! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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