Recipe of the Month: Mumbai Spice for yummy Green Salads

I’ve been eating a LOT of salads lately. The ones we can make during winter just aren’t the same, so I’m filling up on fresh yumminess as much as possible in between April-October.

Rukmini mentioned on her blog a spice recipe I’ve been wanting to try. It took me a while to figure out where I could find a few of the necessary ingredients since I don’t live in India, but a few weeks ago I could finally mix all spices together in a cute little jar and give it a go. Now, I didn’t follow the recipe to a T, because I simply didn’t have enough time, nor the ingredients as seeds. But…

The end result is a really nice bled, I’m loving it on my salads!

page mumbai spice

page mumbai spice salad

Green Salad with Mumbai Spice

Vegetables of your choice for green salad

I used: tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, scallions, bell pepper; and another time also added some stir-fried chicken strips.

For Mumbai Spice, mix together:

3 tbsp of Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Chili powder, Rock Salt
and 2 tbsp of Ground Mango Powder, Plain Salt.

Chop vegetables into a salad bowl, toss with some EVOO and season with Mumbai Spice.

*Recipe slightly adapted from Trumatter 

Bon appétit! ;)

13 Responses to “Recipe of the Month: Mumbai Spice for yummy Green Salads”

  1. Fabulous! ISn’t that great? Love the little label on your jar!

    • Oh, it’s awesome!
      I like that little label too. It’s actually post-it notes that I secured over the original label, which is where the 100% natural (mustard it used to be) part comes from :)

  2. I love Indian in any form, what a great spice recipe!

  3. Sounds delicious! I also really like Indian sauces :)

    • We have Rukmini to thank :)
      I like sauces a lot, too! Just a week ago the Chef and I went with Indian for dinner and it was amazing. There was a sauce I’ll try to make myself one of these days when I have more time for cooking, I’ll post that recipe too if it comes out like the one we tasted at the restaurant.

  4. This looks and sounds so yummy.

    Flash 55 – The Accidental Gardener

  5. A good idea to spice up an otherwise ordinary meal.

  6. Add salt and it’s a spiced salt ready to use whenever :)


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