Being frugal and repurposing: “Teacupped” Plants

With the merger of the two shops came a lot of small, heavy-when-in-one-huge-box-one-has-to-carry-around-from-one-end-of-the-store-to-the-other, stuff. I don’t care for a lot of it, they’re not my style, but there are occasional cute items in the mix.

Like this little set of two coffee cup with saucers. They cost around $14, which, for only two cups is pricey for my pocket. So I let them be, and dust them off every time I have the morning shift.

coffee cup and saucer set

Then, sale season kicked in.

We received the same type of set, now 70% off, because one of the cups was chipped. I quickly bought two sets, because for around $8 they were worth making one set out of the two. Plus, I had a small project in mind.

A few days later, another set arrived, with both cups chipped and one of the saucers as well. Our new store manager priced it at 100% off, and I got to bring it home. (Note: don’t mistake her gesture for something nice. She has me working only afternoon shifts this month.)

page teacupped cactuses

So, for inventory purposes, I now have: two perfect coffee cups, five perfect saucers, and four chipped cups with one chipped saucer.

I’m happily using the set and separately the saucers, while in the chipped cups I’ve “teacupped” cactuses and placed bamboo.

They look so cute on my window sill, and with them facing the room, no can even spot they’re chipped!

And as a bonus, the boxes they came in are adorable. I’m using them for storing letters.

letter storage boxes 

Have You repurposed cups and saucers, or other household stuff similarly?


PS: don’t ask, but as another example, I currently have Basil growing in an old sink in our yard ;)


10 Comments to “Being frugal and repurposing: “Teacupped” Plants”

  1. Way to go Es. I love this. I have several cups that I think could use some plant love!

  2. So cute! Great idea about the plants! I sometimes use coffee mugs or tea cups for paper clips or a pencil holder. I use shoe boxes for all kinds of storage, or for mailing something that requires a box. Oh….one of my daughters-in-law makes beautiful wreaths and other artwork out of old piano sheets! I’ll take a photo and send you the one I have!

    • I use ’em for that as well, cups make for great storage items. One that I never used is now holding our tooth paste and brushes in the bathroom :)
      And shoe boxes, same as you said. I especially used a lot of them when I had to ship plaster crafts to customers from other cities.

      Looking forward to that wreath pic, Becky. That must be pretty, what a lovely idea!

  3. Those are so cute! Good idea :)

  4. I recently saw a cute idea for a cup and saucer as a bird feed. The cup was glued to the saucer and then there was a copper rod that was attached to the bottom of the saucer – just a small piece and that piece fit into a longer piece (that you put in the ground), hence the bird feeder. It was super cute. I’ve been using my coffee mugs (that I’ve dropped and the handle broke off) as pen holders!

  5. Love these, such cuteness in teacups! I *have* to place some of my baby plants in tea cups now, too :)

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